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  1. MBCabral621

    2001 El Toro Loco

    Yeah, it is a wilman chassis. It's just a older version
  2. MBCabral621

    World finals 11 2010 El Toro Loco

    Truck: wold finals 11 (2010) version El Toro Loco Name: McDonald's 2010 El Toro loco Chassis: PEI 4link: Orange4links Swaybar: Orange swaybar Shocks: IDK? Flag: Air force flag Tries: 2013SIR tries (I think) Body Color: Orange About the body of the WF 11 (2010) El Toro Loco, it looks like Chuck Werner 2010 El Toro loco body style with the bigger wheel weld on the hood. If you guys don't know what I'm talking about, i leave the link to a video show how the body type looks like
  3. MBCabral621

    Hot Wheels 2002

    The body shows black on mind also
  4. MBCabral621

    World Finals 11 El Toro Loco

    Truck: El toro loco Chassis: Patrick Enterprises Inc (PEI) Shocks: any shock Body: chuck's 2015 el toro loco body(instead of red, change to orange) Flag 1: air force-white/blue flag Orange sway bars Orange 4links bars V5 engine Color: orange
  5. If someone out there can reupload the 2011 Air Force Afterburner because when i go to download it says invaild i really want this truck or could someone send me to a link for the 2011 air force afterburner
  6. MBCabral621

    Air Force Afterburner 2011

    Hey John Dough or mediafire can you guys reupload this air force afterburner because i really really want this truck