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  1. yes please messege me on skype or aim heres the serve ror.avrintech.net and u need to download the track 12002
  2. hey evreyone the fun run will be starting around 6:30 please add me on my name so i can tell u when its your turb to race or freestyle i will be driving monster mutt!
  3. any version of ror is fine ok
  4. whoops sorry i messed up my spelling again and the sentence hahah oh and btw i did not have to spell to get a job i work in a restaurant so yea! they dont do spelling they make food!! and serve them to people hahaha
  5. sorry about all this crap guys i fixied evreything so here you go(: http://rormonsterjam375.wix.com/maxdfan12website
  6. ok evreybody needs to put ur name your truck link and stuff like that
  7. i will be commentating u also and also i will let u guys know on the times it will be starting !!

    fun run

    the event is still gonna happen but im doing this with my friends if u wanna come play with me please sign up below (: the event will happen saturday sorry for the enconvience! http://www.mediafire.com/download/pttbs17vqrktkl5/Tampa2015+%280.4%2B+Compatible%29.zip
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