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  1. NickB

    Manchester, UK 2019

    Love the track! 10/10. Could you possibly make Houston 2019?
  2. NickB

    Fire Maxd

    ever gonna get a breakable for this?
  3. how do i start the race and how do i know when im staged, red, green etc...?
    Doesn’t work for 0.3...
  4. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to drive on it! I was at that show
  5. 😍 Looks amazing! We need a good Predator
  6. Don’t forget the coil overs
  7. Are u making all the POD stops?
  8. It didnt show up in my game, I have 0.4.5. Can anyone help?
  9. I have 0.4 but it didn't show up in my game
  10. Will there be a breakable version? And, will the sound be the new sound that was used in the 2012 WF truck and the green Max d?
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