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  1. Train Wreck

    not 0.4 compatible
  2. East Rutherford 2017

    Are u making all the POD stops?
  3. Hot Wheels Firestorm World Finals 18

    just did, didnt work...
  4. Hot Wheels Firestorm World Finals 18

    It didnt show up in my game, I have 0.4.5. Can anyone help?
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

  6. Grave Digger 30 REVAMED

    I have 0.4 but it didn't show up in my game
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Will there be a breakable version? And, will the sound be the new sound that was used in the 2012 WF truck and the green Max d?
  8. Anaheim 2017 FS1 West Show 1

    I wish I knew how to make tracks, the tutorial didn't work for me
  9. Anaheim 2017 FS1 West Show 1

    Sorry! I just was reccomending some tracks that me and a bunch of other people would like!
  10. Anaheim 2017 FS1 West Show 1

    Can you make both Tampa shows in 2017, Detroit 2017 show 1, Orlando 2017, and New Orleans 2017?
  11. Syracuse 2016

    Sick! Kind of a small floor< not a lot of recovery room
  12. How to paint trucks using overlays

    Can you make a tutorial showing how to add fonts onto a body? I want to make a custom truck but I don't know how to make the font look good, and, I want cool designs on the body that I can't do in paint.net
  13. Monster Jam University

    When will it be out for download?
  14. [TRACK] Orlando, FL

    Name: Orlando 2016 Venue: Citrus Bowl Racing Style: jersey replica Date Ran: January 23, 2016 Images: couldn't find any
  15. Eagen County Fair (Custom)

    Can you make a track for me?
  16. Pirates Curse

    the windshield is too dark so it would be cool if you could make a bodyless truck and a truck with a lighter windshield like Grave Digger 32 V1. Other than that, GREAT JOB!
  17. Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    Looks great! I was at this show so I can't wait! Will it be converted to 0.4?
  18. [TRACK] Orlando, FL

    Name: Orlando 2015 Venue: Citrus Bowl Racing Style: Jersey Date Ran: unknown images:
  19. TRUCK: El toro loco

    Name: El toro loco Becky 2016 Body: El toro loco chassis: IDK Paint: Yellow, orange, purple, etc
  20. Captins Curse 2016

    Name: Captins Curse 2016 Body: 1941 Willys Pickup Chassis: Captins Curse/Blacksmith
  21. [TRACK] Sunrise 2016

    Name: Sunrise 2016 Venue: BB&T Center Racing Style: Classic Arena Replica or Custom: Replica Date ran: September 13-14, 2016 Images/Graphics: Couldn't find any
  22. Name: Tampa 2014 Show 1 (0.4 Compatible) Venue: Raymond James Stadium Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: Jan 14, 2014 Images/Graphics: Full show on YouTube