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  1. MTM2 Community Patch 2 released

    Features the HD Trucks: http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Utilities/CommPatch/info/mtm2commpatches.html
  2. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    One more beta. Please let me know what you think. http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Trucks/dl.php?dl=6453
  3. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    Beta 4 release. Last beta before final release. http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Trucks/trucks.php?search=HD+Pack+Beta+4
  4. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    Beta 3 now released with additional trucks. http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Trucks/trucks.php?search=HD+Truck+Pack+Beta+3
  5. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    Beta 2 is now released with Wildfoot, Monster Patrol, and other fixes: http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Trucks/trucks.php?search=HD+Truck+Pack+Beta+2
  6. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Trucks/trucks.php?search=HD+Truck+Pack Please read the included Readme file. These trucks are beta and have minor graphical issues.
  7. Your Old Projects/Current

    Close! A full replacement set of more realistic stock trucks for MTM2. See here: http://forum.mtm2.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7184