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  1. Ragin Steel 2001 PEI

    The only thing on 0.4.6 that doesn't work are the tire textures and shocks. The Ukraines are white, including the shocks, but I don't know what truck uses that, so I can't fix them for myself. You may want to make sure that is in the folder.
  2. Screamin' Evil 2017

    I'm not a fan of this sport, but Capt. Jeff Kuss seems like a great guy. Its awesome that this happened for you. Prayers go to his family. (oh btw great truck and paint)
  3. Mister No Body

    Uhh...I really don't know how to import files from blender, but since you are able to work in blender, it seems, you may want to search up videos on how to do so, and maybe look at other .truck files, for help.
  4. Mister No Body

    Uhh...I don't see any truck file in there...and I'm pretty sure the game can't read .blend files...and It doesn't appear ingame, so the missing .truck file is true...Are you sure you uploaded this correctly, or if it even works?
  5. Albuquerque 2017

    Oh, so this is why I should take the left at Albuquerque. Great map!
  6. Avenger 2010 (WF11)

    Great truck, the paint looks great, I don't think the flag is that bad, its just a bit tall is all.
  7. Phoenix 2012 and 2013 .4

    Download both, its 2013 and 2012
  8. Phoenix 2012 and 2013 .4

    I mean, I don't think you'd want 10 track requests a day. That'd be...pretty annoying... Opsitties, take your time with your mods.
  9. Iron Warrior Update 3-pack

    Also, I don't think the swaybars are in the right place.
  10. Iron Warrior Update 3-pack

    I understand, it isn't hard at all, but not everyone does know how to .truck file. Take your time with the truck, looks great though.
  11. Iron Warrior Update 3-pack

    Oh, okay... Well, either way, you probably should update it to where the chassis is in the .truck file...
  12. Iron Warrior Update 3-pack

    "PM and I'll Try to help you out and update the pack to include what's needed. " Or you could just, you know...update the pack to have it in...
  13. Grave Digger 32 Pack

    The 2012 GD20 Legend spawns as an older looking Grave Digger, even though no files I have in my vehicles are unzipped...
  14. Grave Digger 32 Pack

    *Has orgasm from limiter straps* The Limiter straps on this make it look so cool!
  15. The Punisher

    Works perfect for 0.4, no body for 0.39... Huh....