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  1. World Finals XI .4

    I swear, I wanted someone to .4 compatible this track before it was released. Thanks!
  2. PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    Great, the main file that isn't there is named "GraveDigger.png" which makes 'Tracks/hotfire' Kill itself... The file is so broad, how is one supposed to find it ;-;. I'll surely look for it in the mean time though, thanks!
  3. PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    Is it bad I never knew how to check the RoR log? How does one check it.
  4. PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    The Burgundy 2009 ETL always crashes for me, on 0.4.6 and 0.39.3... What other parts do I need to fix it? All I can see myself is 'tracks/hotfire' when it crashes on 0.39...
  5. Reno Low Budget 2017

    The lack of obstacles makes this a good challenge, really shows people's skills.
  6. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1

    They appear totally fine for me on .39 and .4 ...I just put all the files from Blue Thunder 2016 (Not Europe) into this pack and it works perfectly. I really have not many noticeable problems with this pack, it's awesome! Can't wait for the update or part 2!
  7. Florida Pack .4

    Ever since @DroppedSilver0 stopped making .4 conversions, we haven't gotten many. It's awesome to get a bunch more .4 tracks, like these bunch!
  8. San Antonio 2011 .4

    Just...going to say, I'm sure your making people happy with what tracks your uploading, but you possibly should calm down a bit...maybe every other 2 days, upload possibly 2 tracks to not burn people out? Just my two cents, don't take anything fact.
  9. Grave Digger 28 Late 2016-Early 2017

    First, I'm using 0.4.6. The Handling is amazing, love the truck. Only thing is; the breakable version's wheels don't have any skeleton for them, so the wheels derp out, and because of the lack of skeleton, it doesn't drive. The normal version is perfect exept for everything stated in the description, congrats!
  10. Grave Digger Red Pickup Monster Truck 2017 (Custom)

    This truck took the first place for Best Handling Ever from Bigfoot USA... Your trucks are probably the best on the forums Sweg.
  11. USA Bigfoot SMRA 2017

    Nice edit, just gonna say. May want to atleast rename the .zip to something like, MURICAFOOTIESMRA.zip so it doesn't have to replace the original USA Bigfoot.
  12. USA Bigfoot

    Just saw Fireworks and now this! Perfect!
  13. 6 years late.

    Nice Story!
  14. Rap Attack v2

    The open diff idea is a great challenge! Finally another great idea!
  15. Atlanta, GA 2000

    On the more part, it would be nice if you could convert Tampa Custom.