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  1. Frank Collins RORSeries#7145 Rod Ryan http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3161-over-bored-black-pearl-2019-pack/
  2. Hey man great trucks!! Chazzy painted the Monster Energy.
  3. @monsterjam16' amazing gauges were done by @Steele amazing flag done by @stimson122
  4. A project that @stimson122 @Chazzymp @StarksDoesMonsterJam and i have been working on. @monsterjam16' amazing gauges were made by @Steele Flag done by @stimson122
  5. GDFAN14

    0.37 Help

    In .37 you cant spawn more than one truck unless there is a truck spawner on the map. I believe there is a tutorial on here somewhere that shows you how to put a truck spwaner on a map.
  6. After being sometime after my PC CPU cooler died. I got it fixed. To get back into things I wanted to finish things I started a long time ago.
  7. Making these were a ride and fun! We started these back in late July early August. After 4 versions we got it right.
  8. GDFAN14

    Jester 2017 Pack

    They were really fun trucks to make!
  9. GDFAN14

    Dumb Tough 2017

    When gotta save da money you duct tape dat sh*t. Great truck fern!
  10. Andrew Sheets made the body. I built the original truck for Intimidator.
  11. GDFAN14

    Share Your Specs

    Mobo : MSI Z270 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM. GPU : Geforce GTX 1080 x2. Ram : 64 gb Gskill Trident (16x4) DDR4. CPU : IntelĀ® Core Processor i7-7700K 4.20GHZ. Fans : 3x 120mm AZZA Hurricane RGB Fans RGB Multi-Color. Cooler : DEEPCOOL CAPTAIN 360EX 360mm Radiator CPU Liquid Cooler. PSU :CORSAIR HX1200. Case : Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Case. Storage : 250 SSD 4TB Hard drive .
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