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  1. I was wondering how to replace the truck files in V4 with the custom ones. I forgot everything due to not playing ror in a while. If there is already a topic/tutorial can you link it please. Thanks
  2. Yes I do indeed have the v4 pack and I have download the tires were do I put the tires?
  3. AirForce116


    Hello and I have been off Sim monsters but I have come back and I download trucks and when I go to spawn them in I can't because an error comes up with a part is missing and I do not know where to get the tires and how to download them. So if you could help me Thanks!
  4. Hey guys so as amny of you know there is a game called "Minecraft" and a person who I forgot there name has allowed you to go to different website now I cannot add periods and all that so just bear with me if there is mistakes so I am wrting this very topic from Minecraft right now I was just testing this to see if it is true and really working.
  5. A Nascar on a Monster Truck, I just don't think that would fit
  6. How do you get it on the game? I have the game but theres no Bad Habit
  7. AirForce116


    I don't make my own trucks ( don't know how to ) but I know that you use Blender which is a program where you model things pretty much.
  8. I was bored and couldn't think of anything else to do so here you go! 1. Would you rather only write in cursive or ONLY TYPE IN CAPS 2. Would you rather have no thumbs or only have thumbs 3. Would you rather be tall and really skinny or buff and really short 4. Would you rather find true love or get 10 million dollars 5. Would you rather shrink to one inch or grow 3 stories tall I'm only doing 5 questions incase you guys don't like it I'll do more if you do like it or if the topic gets hot
  9. Alot of people probably half of the people on this site are kids ( not saying I am ) and they go and ask ther mothers or fathers to buy them this game and the parents say " No " . So alot of those kids are also looking for a free Monster Jam Game. And yes they can just continue on with RoR but if they go into Multiplayer there would be less people there. Also less events on RoR and more on Beam. Or they are just really poor and can't afford it ( Which I hope not .) So the point i'm trying to make is that alot of people would be happy and quit " Sim-Monsters".
  10. All I want to see is who gets Brady and Flacco.
  11. How do you join? lol sorry if it's obvious
  12. AirForce116


    Delete Topic please
  13. AirForce116


    Post pictures of your RC if you have one I got Grave Digger Traxxas
  14. I was just wondering if someone could post a tutorial to make a custom truck because I really want to have a custom truck and start getting into posting things. But I can't because I'm not that good at Blender ( aka don't know how to use Blender at all ). So if you could take the time out of your day and make one I would so much appreciate it. Thanks
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