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  1. East Rutherford 2015

    ya know you can make the front flip ramp solid and update the track. Its the driver and timing that counts when you use the ramp
  2. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    I'm going to the 20th world finals cause I know that ones gonna be good.
  3. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    finally get to see a ramer in the world finals
  4. [TRUCK] Earth Shaker [SKIN] Earth Shaker

    who hasn't figured that out yet?
  5. Blackstravaganza Pack!

    really? no one has made it in 4 years bruh.
  6. Blackstravaganza Pack!

    can you make a 2015 captains curse please we need a new captains curse.
  7. Syracuse 2016

    good. and are you going to make it for 0.39, 0.38, and 0.37
  8. Syracuse 2016

    Fix this please make it for 0.37, 0.38, and 0.39 please
  9. Syracuse 2016

    Why doesn't it work? I've got 0.37.
  10. Gas Monkey Garage 2016

    oh yeah! Can u plz make Pirate's Curse? please?
  11. Gas Monkey Garage 2016

    oh! how bout the 2016 monster mutts?
  12. Gas Monkey Garage 2016

    No wait the yellow max-d please! you are truly great at designing these trucks for ror 0.37! your trucks work perfect on that version!
  13. Gas Monkey Garage 2016

    Please, make a max-d front flip attempt truck. please!