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    Hooked 2018

    I really wanna give this 5 stars but something with this truck has glitched out my game a bit. It could just be me but I don't know. So I spawn in the truck it works great no issues...but if I try spawning in a different truck literally any other truck the shocks(not the shock towers just the shocks themselves) glitch out to where they stick halfway through the bottom of the hole axle housing. And if I spawn in a random truck then Hooked I get the shock problem to where it is doing the weird thing with Hooked it self. It could just be me though other than that this truck looks freaking sexy dude!
  2. Just as a notice, I would change the color of the rims for both versions of the truck. The first one, maybe an orange or the light blue color that the headlights are. The second truck you could've used orange or green. Just some attention to detail to try and get next time because it looks like like you somewhat just rushed it out on here. The paint schemes themselves look great though!
  3. Really stupid question...but how do you actually find where the resources are in .4 for the smoke?
  4. Great track...but you are missing a few things. Like the barriers by the Mutant backflip and the Mutant banners they had on the wall. Just next time make sure you get that small detail. The ramps though are really great.
  5. Doesn't work for me on .4...same with Bad Company...
  6. Yea but for me skype in m.o. just is easier to deal with
  7. Ok so this is just a fun run not a whole league thing. Yes this is kinda like Max's fun run but i am using skype. My skype name is "MJED 2017". So for Racing we won't be doing qualifying because to save time...random generated bracket. I am having a max of 16 people. If more i will up it to 20 but no more! Freestyle rules: NO HACKSAVING, be realistic as possible(NO LEE ODONNEL FRONT FLIPS PLZ!) Other than that it will be all ready and set. I am using .4 so you must have a .4 truck to work. When you sing up make it look like this. The date will maybe be April 14-18. I will let you all know in the chat for this. Good luck to everyone! Name: Truck Skype: Truck Link:
  8. Posted Tuesday at 11:51 AM ยท Report post Name:Tim Discord:sc95stang Truck:GDTL 2015 Truck Link:
  9. is it supposed to break easily or break at all? cause the front is rather fragile..
    THANK YOU! Finally someone uploaded world finals 8 on Sim Monsters. 1000/10
  10. Blacksmith, Escalade, and Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder.
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