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  1. Commander

    World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Do they not work on .37?
  2. Commander

    Sim-Monsters Discord

    I am very much in favor of having a sim-monsters discord. I see it as a great opportunity to be more involved in the community. I myself have been a frequent visitor to this website for about a year now, since it is where I download all of the trucks and tracks, but I have found it difficult to get plugged into your all's community since a conversation can really only be had on a thread post-by-thread post basis. And I haven't seen anyone in the website chat service yet. Not sure if it's dead or I'm checking at the wrong times. Also, I've only seen maybe 2 or 3 people in the version 0.37.126 online server, so I've just been content with playing singleplayer. Anyway, it was nice meeting you guys ;), hope to chat in the future.
  3. Commander

    Rap Attack v2

    Awesome stunt truck
  4. Commander

    RORFT World Finals II

    Absolutely stunning track
  5. Commander

    Attempting to Edit a V4 Truck

    https://imgur.com/gallery/fUCP8 *Added better Sting face *Added Wrenchead.com logos *Painted hood scoop purple (don't know why it was originally black) *Added silver driveshaft texture *Stretched the "STING" title vertically on either side of body to be more accurate to the real truck *Swapped rim texture for better accuracy *Adjusted suspension
  6. Commander

    Attempting to Edit a V4 Truck

    Thank you so much, after trial and error I got it working I would show some pictures but it won't let me put any pictures larger than 0.03MB
  7. Commander

    Attempting to Edit a V4 Truck

    I'm looking to edit a truck body from the v4 pack and have ran into some conundrums. I understand the concept of customizing .blend files in blender but I cannot find the correct .blend file for the truck body I wish to edit (The truck body I want to edit is Sting from V4 pack) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Commander

    V4 CustomChrome Truck Pack part 1

  9. Commander

    V4 CustomChrome Truck Pack part 1

    The Chrome Son-Uva Digger loads the normal body instead of the SUD2016BodyChrome.mesh Overall great trucks
  10. Commander

    0.37.126 Server(s)

    Hi, Since I installed this game about a year ago, I've played Singleplayer with trucks and tracks I've downloaded from here and just now really considered playing multiplayer (if there are any servers) So, that's my question: Are there any .37 servers to play on?
  11. Commander

    Grave Digger XX pack

    woah it worked, thank you so much
  12. Commander

    Grave Digger XX pack

    the trucks have no sound, any idea how to fix this? I've cleared and regenned cache but no luck
  13. Commander

    Titan 2016 Pack

    great trucks, especially since they're stand alones
  14. Commander

    Superman WF 14

    extracting v4 trucks to my vehicles folder causes problems for me, sorry for asking
  15. Commander

    Superman WF 14

    Is it a stand-alone