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  1. SMRA Season 4 Budgets

    No Limits Motorsports Week 2 Budget: Salinas, CA Starting Budget: $74,567 Booking Pay: +$20,000 Event Purse: +$9,700 Damages: -$8,000 Travel: -$5,719 New Budget: $90,548
  2. Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    Slipknot Avenged Sevenfold Metallica Anthrax Slayer Metallica Megadeth Five Finger Death Punch Stone Sour Rush Motörhead Shinedown Beartooth Lamb Of God Shadows Fall Death Dream Theater Tool Sepultura The Offspring Rings of Saturn Trivium System of a Down Disturbed Korn Amon Amarth Infant Annihilator Oceano Bullet For My Valentine VIMIC Mudvayne Nine Inch Nails
  3. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: NoName: Max HalpertHometown: Thousand Oaks, CAPreferred Event Day: Saturday Truck Name: RevengeTruck Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zy948tvry8y4ma7/Revenge2017.zip Team Name: No Limits MotorsportsShop Location: Long Island, NYCaptain: Jack McCarthyBudget: $65,267Members: Jack McCarthy, Marty Hussey, Marcelo Mendoza, Blaise Zantinge, Keaton BarneyTouring Partners/Groups: TBA
  4. FUN RUN TODAY @ MINNY 2013 8pm est

    Max Halpert Blue Thunder 2016 (Menninga) http://www.mediafire.com/file/k7j4k9u9zz5z4pk
  5. Northern Nightmare 2017

    Arlington 2015
  6. October 1st - Fun Run @ Syracuse, New York ~ 2017

    Max Halpert Scooby-Doo Max H. #1580
  7. East Rutherford 2013

    The spawn point on Freestyle is way far away from the stadium, any possibility you could fix that?
  8. Overkill Evolution 2017

    World Finals 13 is already Yellow and Red dingus lol
  9. Florida Pack .4

    Maybe look at the fact that you converted numerous tracks and then uploaded them all separately and simultaneously, it does add to the bill that the website owner has to pay.
  10. USA Bigfoot SMRA 2017

    Just edited it.
  11. USA Bigfoot SMRA 2017

    Version 1.0.1


    Skyliner's Bigfoot that I will be using for SMRA, credit to him and all of those who were involved in the making of this truck. Edit: Forgot to rename the .truck, but now it's all good. Plus I gave it a Mediafire link.
  12. 2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

    You're my god tbh
  13. Jokes Thread

    What do you get when an Asian and a Mexican have a baby? A car thief that can't drive.
  14. SMRA Season 4 Update Post!

    Are we strictly using .4.6 or can .4.5 be used as well?
  15. Fun Run 7/16/17 @ 6:30 PM EST East Rutherford 2017

    Max Halpert You have it Superman 2017 Link: TBA