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  1. STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Great event at East Rutherford 2017! Josh Gajewski got the racing win against Matthew Tyrell, and Joshwa Tavarez came out in freestyle with an epic run in Mad Scientist, taking the win with a score of 27! Jon Zimmer Jr came in 2nd, and Matthew Tyrell with an amazing 3rd! And for the first 2-Wheel Skills challenge in the league, Brad Kerlin came out with a score of 18, with Bryant Steggall coming in 2nd, and Torrin Thorp with a third place finish! Hope to see you competing in the fourth and final pre-season stop in May: Meents Jam!!
  2. STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Discord Link for tonight: https://discord.gg/BnyXuh
  3. Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    Joey Burgy Earth Shaker
  4. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    Everyone of those people quit ROBLOX a while ago. Spy is on SM, and i don't know about the rest.
  5. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    I know all of them except for speedx77 and maybe kid? I'm still on ROBLOX, but I don't do much of ro-mj anymore because of ROBLOX being retarded recently. It's just something to do on the weekends these days.
  6. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    New paint (I believe) looks great. And I love that you put Dale Sr's #3 on the flag and sponsor plate. Looks amazing Blake. Can't wait to see it on track!
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    It's something about a yellow and black truck with BKTs looking awesome all the time that I love. Amazing truck!
  8. Last Pre-Season event at Electric Madness, we saw Matthew Tyrell get the racing win against Jon Zimmer Jr! Then in freestyle, we saw Jon get his second consecutive freestyle win in STS! With Josh Gajewski coming in second, two points shy of the win, and Matthew coming in 3rd place! An impressive performance from Torrin Thorp in Time Flys, getting a fourth place finishing spot in freestyle! This Saturday, we head to the wonderful Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, for our third pre-season stop and the only replica pre-season stop! With a slippery hybrid, a steep step-up ramp, and a big Mutant backflip ramp! Racing is anyone's game here, but will Jon take his third freestyle win in a row in STS? Or will someone like Torrin come out on top in freestyle? We will find out this Saturday!! Track: East Rutherford 2017 Link: Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TjpqGqpDWibRt3Xg394EJFGsL55OFczXHW6I-UKoxeE/edit Please read before competing in this event. Respect host and officials no matter what. You will get a warning for disrespecting officials. If you continue to disrespect them, you will be suspended. We will be using the rigs of rods version 0.4.6. For this league. Get in and out of game as fast as you can. Whenever you are called in-game, you have two minutes to get in-game, or else you will be skipped and/or on-hold. When an RII is called, you must stop and turn off your truck. If you do not, you will be called done. RIIs will be called in not only freestyle, but as well as in racing and wheelies. Both series will use replica trucks. You can use a repli-custom truck, but no customs. Times: Qualifying Opens: 5:30 PM EST Qualifying Closes: 7:00 PM EST Event Chat Opens: 7:05 PM EST Drivers Meeting: 7:10 PM EST Event Starts: 7:15 PM EST How To Sign Up: Name: Joey Burgy Truck: Black Pearl Truck Link: Discord Name: @Joey 🅱#4846 Qualifying: Qualifying will only happen for Pre-season. 14 trucks will make the field. To qualify you must @ me or an official on discord, and you must be in the qualifying chat between 5:30 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST. Live Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mePrM6MlhjZ-VZoTf3IY8r-peIO1PF2TSoLAQLU4JBg/edit#gid=1563170958 Questions: If you have any questions, message me via discord @Joey 🅱#4846 or on sim-monsters.
  9. Team Overbored Pack

    Okay thank you.
  10. Team Overbored Pack

    Great handling trucks, Blake. They look awesome and handle awesome! Standalone?
  11. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    fanny boi They look really good!
  12. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Orlando? Or Tampa? Either way, great track so far!
  13. WF19 SM Meet- up?

    This'll be good. Hope to see you then.
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    From what I'm hearing, Meents went over the barrier in the chicane during practice.
  15. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Flying out to Vegas tomorrow. Really hyped.