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  1. The body on Dragon isn't centered.
  2. Oh lord Batman. (not hating or anything I just wanted to say this)
  3. Clever wit the not BKTs...truck isn't bad. I like it.
  4. Ooo me likey Looks like it would run as a Bigfoot body tbh, looks outstanding!
  5. That looks like Beam.NG Drive quality there haha. But amazing trucks.
  6. I had a feeling it was West Lebanon but I wasn't sure what year. Great work once again! You get better and better with every project that comes!
  7. This is a dead thread possibly, but at Pittsburgh, Coty and Brandon told me they drove Doomsday before, and Alex Blackwell, the Andersons, Meents have all driven Doomsday before.
  8. Doesn't look bad, but the blue rims on one side and the america rims on the other are just...infuriating
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