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  1. That looks like Beam.NG Drive quality there haha. But amazing trucks.
  2. I had a feeling it was West Lebanon but I wasn't sure what year. Great work once again! You get better and better with every project that comes!
  3. This is a dead thread possibly, but at Pittsburgh, Coty and Brandon told me they drove Doomsday before, and Alex Blackwell, the Andersons, Meents have all driven Doomsday before.
  4. Doesn't look bad, but the blue rims on one side and the america rims on the other are just...infuriating
  5. The only thing I like about this are the credits. They made me laugh.
  6. Joey Burgy Pirates Curse Depression Expression#4846
  7. Someone doesn't need to put a truck you want in the pack, maybe after the pack is released there can be an update and then it'll be in but that's just me.
  8. Alright, I found my truck(s) for SMRA/NAMT.
  9. Trust me, you're not alone. But yes, that is the chassis he ran in 2017 and I believe still runs to this day. This is coming from Eric himself to me so, yeah.
  10. It's a Flame Motorsports, which is a David Smith chassis.
  11. Maximum Destruction with a Grave Digger flag...nice. Just wanted to point that out.
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