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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    From what I'm hearing, Meents went over the barrier in the chicane during practice.
  2. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Flying out to Vegas tomorrow. Really hyped.
  3. World Finals XIX Discussion

    It's fake.
  4. Realistic Monster Jam Event Livestream TODAY!!

    Okay thank you. I was just confused about it.
  5. Realistic Monster Jam Event Livestream TODAY!!

    Wait so can I not sign up for this event or?
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    6 more...long...days...left...until world finals. Why can't it come faster??
  7. Earth Shaker 2017

    The back of the truck seems way too big. But that's just me. I'm no truck builder, so I can't say anything about it. Great truck.
  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Next DDS qualifiers are: Ami Houde Tony Ochs and Kayla Blood
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    First 4 DDS competitors have been announced Austin Minton Brad Allen Cory Rummell and Matt Pagliarulo
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    What about Colton? He's been a great competitor throughout the season and has competed in 3 world finals events as of now. He's sure to make it in.
  11. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Soo I somehow got all my predictions right...I'm honestly surprised. Next set predictions is: Coty Saucier Linsey Weenk Colt Stephens
  12. World Finals XIX Discussion

    somebody wants Cory and Brad to be in world finals. Just thought I'd let you know.
  13. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Although Rosalee didn't do good points wise (although I don't think anyone here did good points wise either) she did good preformance wise and had great saves at Tampa and Oakland
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I mean I understand that he didn't do good this season due to lack of events he was in (cause Dawn and Jimmy took their spots for the first two stops of their tour) but honestly people are forgetting about Eric Swanson I mean he did good in DDS last year and he made it to the finals until he started FS early. He'll be in either world finals or DDS this year.
  15. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I'm going to predict the next round of qualifiers are going to be Candice Jolly Marc McDonald Jimmy Creten