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  1. Joey 🅱️

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    These are some of your best trucks. You've improved big time!
  2. Joey 🅱️

    Backwards Bob

    Are the front bars on the roll cage supposed to be popping out of the cab? Either way good truck.
  3. Joey 🅱️


    Not every truck made is a CRD.
  4. Joey 🅱️

    Barbarian 2018 Pack

    All praise the truck maker of 2018
  5. Joey 🅱️

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    I'm dumb, I thought this was the show your projects thread.
  6. Joey 🅱️

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Reno doesn't seem like a good place to do an over-under track style, but that's just me. I imagine it being like Gaithersburg 2015. Track doesn't look too bad.
  7. Joey 🅱️

    Annual Rigs of Rods Event in 2019

    Because I was hoping to do this around the summer time, because I have more time to plan stuff around those dates because I wouldn't need to worry about school. Not to mention, I only have two weeks left until I have school starting, and I don't want to shove everything in. Because I'd need a track, I'd need to get people to help, you know the usual.
  8. Joey 🅱️

    Annual Rigs of Rods Event in 2019

    Note: I just realized one of the dates is wrong. It was supposed to say "July 6th" not June. My mistake there!
  9. Joey 🅱️

    PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    smoke machine broke I can't get it to work
  10. Joey 🅱️

    Annual Rigs of Rods Event in 2019

    I know STS wasn't a big success, but I've had this planned for a while now. I host something on ROBLOX (I know, that forbidden site where a lot of new members come from, including me) called Ro-MJ Madness. But, I'd like to transfer that onto Rigs of Rods. Here's how it will go All drivers are to be picked by me, there are no sign ups. All drivers will be, you could say, rising stars of Rigs of Rods Monster Trucks. Scores are out of 30 (10 per judge) Track will be custom. Hoping to have a highlight video (misc.) But I'd like everyone's opinions on if I should go through with it. And I'd like everyone's help on it. The poll is what the criteria shall be (Number of trucks, location etc.) So please vote for whatever you'd prefer be in the event. If I miss anything, please tell me. Maybe even suggest something to me. I'll definitely look into it. Thank you!
  11. Joey 🅱️

    Taurus Custom 2018

    Those headers are bigger than my future Truck looks awesome!
  12. Joey 🅱️

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    better not to know the answer.
  13. Tough season, setups just didn't work out for me. Great league. That's all I have to say.
  14. Joey 🅱️

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    No words. Just that.