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  1. ABC MAN26

    RoR steering wheel problem (kinda)

    hey guys it's been awhile ik, but I got a Logitech g920 for my birthday and I wanted to use it for ror, but I noticed there is no Logitech g920 control map, and I'm asking for some help. thank you
  2. ABC MAN26

    Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    is that red on the bottom, is that on the truck or did you put that there?
  3. ABC MAN26

    Metal Mulisha

    OMG thx man
  4. ABC MAN26

    Metal Mulisha

    release the 0.4 version ASAP this looks so amazing
  5. ABC MAN26

    Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    wow looks really nice zman
  6. ABC MAN26

    Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    wow really nice Chris cant wait to drive on it
  7. ABC MAN26

    Overkill Evolution 2016 V2

    I put in with the other truck flies and when I go into game and type overkill. it doesn't show up
  8. ABC MAN26

    Overkill Evolution 2016 V2

    not being rude but its not in my truck list
  9. ABC MAN26

    FUN RUN TODAY 2/18 Anaheim 2014 Show 2

    linkin bishop junk yard dog file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cnbjnyob67gjni7/JunkYerdDoge.zip discord: abcman26
  10. ABC MAN26

    Im curious.

    what about LoiLo Game Recorder
  11. ABC MAN26

    GALOT Motorsports Park 2016

    are you trying to release a track every day?
  12. ABC MAN26

    V4 ReplicaMax-D pack 2016

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's so dope, good job release date?
  13. ABC MAN26

    Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    that nice cant wait
  14. ABC MAN26

    Australian fury

    would really be happy to see this be made
  15. ABC MAN26

    Australian fury

    NAME: Australian fury BODY: 2016 max-d body (with solider fortune's gun on top) CHASSIS: maxd (Colton) PAINT: Australian flag colours