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  1. sup cant you try to do monster race i ed 2017??? i would love that thank you :)

    eller om du har varit på fler eventer typ som habo,kumla,hösäter, så kan du gör nån av dom i stället tackar :)

  2. i love monster jam

    ScrapyardAuto Value King Krunch Axle

    hey im new of this and i was wondering where i can find the ,old lines,? to the axel AND knuckle???? thx for respont
  3. i love monster jam


    Name - THOR body - chevrolet pickup 2006 Avalanche style Chassis: - sadly dosent know make your own if you can Paint (images of color/graphics - http://www.vikingmonstertrucks.com/Viking_Monster_Trucks_English/Thor.html
  4. i love monster jam

    (TRUCK) putte 2

    Name - putte 2 body - Lamborghini Countach Chassis-home made pipeChassis Paint (images of color/graphics -http://monstertruck.wikia.com/wiki/File:11102655_946124925408251_4635874091688626632_n.jpg Other details http://www.monstertruck.nu/ thx
  5. i love monster jam

    (tracks)Monsterrace Ed 2013