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  1. Hey man, got a minute to help me out?  I haven't played this game in years and I need to find the v4 pack for .4 compatible. know of any links? im searching sim monsters but cannot find anything. I do need the v4 pack for my trucks to have sound correct? 

    1. rockgod88


      Um, I'm not big into .4 so i'm not sure exactly how it works, but try this for .4


    2. 25Gravedig


      ill try that, thank you so much!

    3. sourvape


      how to run this game on my laptop


  2. I downloaded that program, how do I turn my files into that program? mine doe not let me drag the files
  3. Do I add a pack of trucks (other then v4 pack) any differently then I add a single truck?
  4. okay I will try that! thank you, ill let you know how it works.
  5. I could just wipe all packs and v4 folder, re download everything, if you can tell me how to do it the correct way.
  6. okay thanks. I didn't know I could add to the vehicles folder! and im not sure, I haven't seen anything with WinRAR name that im aware of. When I download the truck I want, do I save as to "packs" ? or to desktop, then extract to v4 pack?
  7. no I did them apart from each other, I tried adding them to v4 pack and I tried leaving them stand alone. that's if stand alone means what I think it does lol
  8. Hello! just had my account accepted, been playing .37 for a few months now, iv spent so much time trying to figure this game out. Can anyone please tell me how to properly install custom trucks and replica trucks? the v4 pack works just fine, its when I try adding other trucks. everytime I click on the new added truck, my pc makes a noise and the screen just goes black. then I shut it off, turn it on, and avoid that truck. do I have to put some trucks on v4 pack and some just download to packs in general? i figured out i can clear cache and use most the custom/replica/breakable trucks, but when i do that, v4 pack disappears, and i get no engine sound on the trucks. im prolly just not doing it right! help me out please and thank you! look forward to playing leagues with yall.
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