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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    One of the flags is the Protect the Harvest logo. Not both Lucas Oil
  2. Great Clips MHW 2018!

  3. Monster Mutt Rottweiler 2018 UPDATE

    its not even on brads chassis so what even is the purpose
  4. Great Clips MHW 2018!

    I'd name it 2017. The 2018 one has a new tailgate logo and there is now a small great clips logo above the Mohawk Warrior on the side panels. It ran at Minneapolis Show 2.
  5. Evil Ways

    pretty nice
  6. Yellow sections on body

    Same with @CorruptedCarnage
  7. Help, Texture Issue

    I open up Configurator, and I'll go into Render System and where it says "render system" there is a drop down menu which says OpenGL Rendering Subsystem. My friend says there should be a Direct 3D9 Rendering System, but its not there. Just the OpenGL one. Anyone know a way fix it?? Thanks.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Looks awesome so far!
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    looks amazing like always, keep up the good work
  10. West Lebanon 2016 Funrun

    Austin Dahlgren AKDahlgren13 Grave Digger XXXI (Green)
  11. ROR Name: AKDahlgren Truck: El Toro Loco (List)
  12. MROR Week 3: Arlington, TX (Sign Ups Open at 10 PM EST)

    Austin Dahlgren Heavy Hitter AKDahlgren13
  13. MROR Week 2: Tampa. FL (Sign Ups Open at 10 PM EST)

    Austin Dahlgren Heavy Hitter AKDahlgren13
  14. Blue Thunder 2016

  15. MROR Week 1: Atlanta, GA (Sign Ups Open!)

    Austin Dahlgren Heavy Hitter AKDahlgren13