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  1. We've had this thread for an entire year now
  2. Are you gonna do the red mud truck as well?
  3. I JUST REALIZED THIS HAS BEEN ALREADY MADE. I'm such an idiot lol. (Edit: the one already on the site is really bad anyway)
  4. 149 downloads

    My first attempt at a custom, so I need feedback. Repainted from stimson122's Monster Energy from the Thor 2019 pack, so the credit goes to him for most of it. Chazzymp - Original Paint Klayton - Body
  5. Nope. It's a scheme for Monster Energy Absolutely Zero. Although, that's what I was originally gonna do.
  6. My first attempt at a custom, I might release this idk.
  7. Forgot to crop out the top on the picture.
  8. Gage Montes Monster Mutt School #4547
  9. Name: Gage Montes Truck: Destroyer Link: Discord: School #4547
  10. The link is dead
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a modification of xyrose's Logitech G920 .map file, This one uses the shifter. You need to use the clutch pedal for it to work. This is more intended for use with cars.
  12. Predict what you think will be in RoR 0.5.0.
  13. Well, after taking nearly a year hiatus, i'm back into Rigs of Rods. You've probably seen me on this site before, just a random user. Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Gage, and I really just enjoy taking trucks for a spin. My personal favorite monster truck in real life has to be Nitro Circus. On this site in particular, I enjoy breakable trucks.
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