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  1. Wizeguy

    Trucks that you wish to bring back...

    this is an old thread, but i'd like to see: Nitro Circus Inferno Bearfoot (as a modern truck)
  2. Wizeguy

    [TRACK] Anaheim 2009

    Anaheim 2009 Angel Stadium IDK the racing style Replica
  3. Wizeguy

    0.37 Help

    How do I put truck spawners in maps? and another thing, how do i DELETE trucks?
  4. Wizeguy

    Monster Jam Network Channel

    What show(s) do you hope to see on the Monster Jam Network? I really hope to see the Anaheim 2009 show. I've always wanted to see the commentators reactions to Max-d getting on the barriers.
  5. Wizeguy

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Hopefully in the 2019 Season Opener the track will be a little bit different than the boxy bland style they have right now.
  6. Wizeguy

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Its good news for me, but only if the world finals is relocated to the east. If that is the case, i think i can actually go next year!
  7. Wizeguy

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Arlington 2011 much?
  8. Wizeguy

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Unrelated, but I just found out Austin Minton is one of my grandmas cousins and he is going to the world fnals..
  9. Wizeguy

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Honestly the best thing I want to be in WF19 is a CRUSHABLE container. those things were awesome when backflips were never heard of. They stopped using them after 2010 and i'd love to see them back
  10. Wizeguy

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    @Chazzymp what the heck is that random red line over one of the rollbars beneath the windshield?
  11. Wizeguy

    Black BKT Tires in

    Nevermind, i got it working by deleting the spec file.
  12. Wizeguy

    Grave Digger 32 Pack

    Same, the 2012 legend spawns with a grave digger body
  13. Wizeguy

    Black BKT Tires in

    So in the newer version of RoR whenever i use a truck that has 2016_BKTtire always turns out completely black inside the game. All the trucks seem to be compatible with the new version, so can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to fix it?
  14. Wizeguy

    ~Sign Ups~

    John Dinson Truck: Bad News Travels Fast (From v4 pack) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cjiww6owd6d1waw/smv4.zip
  15. Wizeguy

    Will RoR 0.37 work on this pc?

    thats what i expected, but what about the lowest possible graphic settings