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  1. Mark Galloway

    starting problems

    i had to get a new hard drive for my laptop, because it wouldn't start up, and i redownloaded the game and when i try to start it up, i would get a message saying it stopped working, is this a new hard drive that wants nothing to do with the game ? i do currently still have all the truck and track files but i can't use them until i understand what is with the game not working on my laptop now
  2. Mark Galloway


    Mark Galloway Discord: monstertruckfan506 King Krunch 2016 Link:
  3. Mark Galloway

    Hot Wheels 2002

    can this also be 0.4 compatible ?
  4. Mark Galloway

    V4 ReplicaCult Energy Activator and Traxxas T-Maxx

    can someone make this file 0.4 compatible ?
  5. i need to have to try it since for some reason i am having problems lately while running in a league. i will drive heavy hitter discord: monstertruckfan506
  6. Mark Galloway

    2014/2015 Shocker

    Name:Shocker Body: 2006 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Pat Gerber Chassis Paint (images of color/graphics):
  7. how much longer until 2015 izod center is a 0.4 compatible track ?

  8. Mark Galloway

    IZOD Center 2015

    how much longer until it's a 0.4 compatible track ?
  9. Mark Galloway

    MROR Week 4: Las Vegas (SIGN UPS OPEN AT 10 PM EST)

    Mark Galloway Backdraft (Current Version) Discord: monstertruckfan506 Aim: monstertruckfan596
  10. Mark Galloway

    VP Mad Scientist

    how do you convert this truck into the 4.6 version of ROR ?
  11. Mark Galloway

    Stinger 2k14

    also please make it for version 4.6
  12. Mark Galloway

    Edy Beltran V4 Updates

    is there anyway you can make them work for version 4.6 ?