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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a controller input for use with Xbox One controllers. For a list of controls see the picture above If you have ANY issues send me a message THIS WORKS WITH THE LATEST VERSION OF ROR This is not guaranteed to work with older versions of RoR Place the file in your config folder!!! This file is for a Wired controller setup. In order to get it to work with a wireless controller you need to change the file name
  2. sugu341

    The Big 3 2019

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first project I've put on here, feel free to leave any criticism you like. I wanted to make a few trucks based on the "big 3" in video games, so I made Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 trucks. All I did was repaint the trucks. They are based on FS1 Cleatus 2018, War Machine and WWE undisputed Era. The paints are simple but they're the best ones I've made so far. Extract the separate truck zips! Original Trucks - John Dough and monsterjam507yt Paint - Me If I've left anyone out send me a message
    This track didn't seem like fun in real life, but in RoR this is a blast to run on! I also love the addition of a dirt version.
  3. I've tried 3 different web browsers, I've tried to diagnose a problem with my network. The link still does not work with the same error.
  4. Its the moment we've all been waiting for!
  5. sugu341

    Black Panther

    The download link was broken so people could not download it.
  6. will this be updated for the Bad News Travels Fast 2018 body?
  7. sugu341

    The Fox 2009

    There's no body on the truck for me.
    Amazing trucks! Can't wait to see what is to come in the future!
  8. It's not world finals 1. it's world finals 11. It also works in .38
  9. Amazing Track! Can't wait to see what comes in the future!
  10. I love the Idea! as you said, the games seem to be degrading, and I agree with you. When playing the Mobile Monster Jam game, I felt that the physics were off. And the idea of going to arenas along with stadiums is something that I want to see.
  11. sugu341

    Syracuse 2016

    When will this be fixed? It's been so long since I first asked about it being broken that I'm starting to get impatient. This needs to be fixed.
  12. When will you update this pack?????!!!!! Come on! It was made in 2014!
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