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  1. World Finals 17

    I need help when i select it its loadin then it froze my ror and it closes! HALP
  2. Avenger World Finals 17

    ikr and hey ed! :DDD
  3. Midnight Rider

    Need this truck for .4 its great!
  4. WF14 Public Beta *3/24 UPDATE*

    Yo can you make this track compatible with .4 this its incredible!
  5. Squishy Stadium 0.4 Conversion

    Okay i will take dat recomendation now i will make some meshes for ROBLOX
  6. Squishy Stadium 0.4 Conversion

    Ok thank you do you! can help me with something? the problem its dat i load a stadium but it doesnt load and the stadium its not there what i can do? i will send oyu some screenshots later
  7. Squishy Stadium 0.4 Conversion

    oh k theres another way to install dat map???
  8. Squishy Stadium 0.4 Conversion

    The Mediafire link its broken .-. please fix it
  9. Tampa 2015 (0.4+ Compatible)

    i need help when i put on the both tracks my game freeze D: what i can do???
  10. NEA & DoomsDay 2015

    THX DUDE only a question i need to extract the pngs then put the pngs on the rar file???
  11. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    hey worldfinals i loved the pack i have a suggestion can you update the pack with the new bkt tires and new models?? thx for oyur attenction dude hope oyu do this!!
  12. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    yeh i love the new tires and trucks they so epic!!!
  13. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    nah just saying you failed XD i want this package a update with new chasis and tires you know the bkt ones
  14. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    lel fail