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  1. Excaliber #1

    Best V1-V2 Monster Truck maker on Sim-Monsters
  2. Sim-Monsters Discord

    I second this
  3. Atlanta, GA 2000

    From what I saw was that DiggerFan was the only one with this map and it was only for .37
  4. Atlanta, GA 2000

  5. Atlanta, GA 2000

    May I ask who converted and posted the track?
  6. Atlanta, GA 2000

    No Problem, I plan on doing more.
  7. Atlanta, GA 2000

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello Everybody. I just wanted everybody to know I DIDN'T MAKE THIS MAP, I ONLY CONVERTED IT. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL CREATORS (DiggerFan) AND DESIGNERS. This is a replica of the January 8, 2000 USHRA Monster Jam event at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, GA. The lineup for this event included: -Bulldozer (Rob Knell) -Goldberg (Tom Meents) -Grave Digger #7 (Dennis Anderson) -Gun Slinger (Scott Hartsock) -Predator (Allen Pezo) -Prowler (Dave Pezo) -Reptoid (Jim Jack) -WCW Nitro Machine (Joe Payne) This download contains 3 tracks: racing, and two versions of freestyle (early freestyle, with track banners intact, and late freestyle with the "worn" track). Credits: Stadium - Casey Graves, banners & scoreboard retextured by DiggerFan Junk Cars - Casey Graves Ramps - DiggerFan Signs/Banners - DiggerFan Poles - DiggerFan THIS MAP WORKS WITH 0.37-0.46
  8. Grave Digger 12 (1997-2000)

    What do I do if the rims aren't showing up for me?
  9. Pitbull

    Name:Pitbull Body:1998/99 Chevy Silverado Chassis:I don't know the chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: This truck ran Coil spring Shocks [sKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: Pitbull 2007
  10. Screenshot of the Week!

    Jim Koehler seeing nothing but sky!
  11. Converting tracks?

    I have this World Finals 7 map that I want to convert but I don't know how. The map is from 0.37 and I want to covert it to 0.46.
  12. Hafen Hamburg Fun Run, 3/18/17 5:30 PM EST

    Brandon Richardson Hot Wheels 2006 Discord:#7995Bubbabigmac
  13. Fix Rear Steer On Keyboard???

    Hi I just bought a new laptop, my old one had volume keys at F11 and F12 but now my new one is F1 and F2 so I cant use Rear steer on trucks so... What should I do???
  14. Can't Find ROR 0.45

    Thanks Bro!!
  15. Can't Find ROR 0.45

    I just got a new Laptop because my old one's memory disk broke... I can't find the version 0.45 of ROR, can someone link me to it please?