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    Converting a beamng track to ror

    Can you say how? The tracks would be for personal use only.

    Converting a beamng track to ror

    What about the tracks that were made in blender? Like Washington 2016, St Louis 2016, Beamng St Louis, etc. Are those possible to convert?

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Now I get that you are probably done with this track and you have already redone it and all but there are two more things that would help it look more realistic. Make the ramps shorter, I noticed that when using the first version the ramps were way too tall. Try to measure with the size comparison truck in blender and use other tracks in game to get the angles more accurate. The other thing is to make the track less vibrant. I was at one of the shows with the Green and orange paint and it was not that bright. Try to make a layer to the paint and add a dirt texture over and change the visibility until it looks realistic enough to use. (Flatten afterwards as well) Okay that was my ramble on being a perfectionist for the day. And again I know how long it takes to change a track and there is nothing wrong with the track as it is. It's a track and I know I would be worse at it. Good luck with other tracks.

    Houston 2017 (October)

    Even though this was uploaded unintentionally, it is still good for a first replica track.

    White tires

    I am in the process of making a truck and it was made for .3 and mine is needed in .4 how do I convert trucks to .4 to fix the white tires. BTW I have all the textures and files needed but the tires are still white.

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread


    Toronto 2018

    Its a great looking track and all except I have a few complaints that you might want to look at if you seek to improve the track. 1: It seems too compact, like I got over a jump and I am already into the trucks or the backflip ramp. 2: Might just be me but there seems more lag on this track. It might be because you smoothed it incorrectly and created too many nodes but it just seems more laggy than other tracks. Other than those 2 problems the track is fun to drive on and it is just as good as New Orleans.

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    A couple things to note, the chassis is a matte black and less glossy. I also recommend using this jester paint. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/9d70/0lh7zuuwve04rxxzg.jpg

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    I have not seen anyone do this yet and I have to admit it turned out pretty good. Note. I have no clue how to change the shocks. And the zoomies are apart of the mesh and I don't know how to change that without breaking it.

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63


    Avenger Nomad Customs

    Version 1.0.0


    This pack as of this moment consists of 2 custom Avengers based on older World FInals schemes on the nomad body. Trucks included: WF5 Nomad Avenger (Avenger Custom) WF6 Nomad Avenger (Avenger Custom WF6) Trucks will be added in the future when I feel like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Credits to Paint: Me Blender, truck work- Karnag Gaming Rims: Chuckie/Blaise Body-Klayton/Wambo Rest SM Community for other helpful items If truck has problems let me know and I will fix it!

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    ooooook. Here is something that looks a little bit better than... that. You can probably guess where I'm going with this. Orange and Split done. Many more to go. I gotta change the rims on the green side or even all of them. Not a fan of the blue.

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Created this in my free time. I am gonna wait a while to release, gonna fix some other things on the paint. (BTW this is cloned, sorry about my uncloned old files, thanks for the new tutorial ABGamerX)
  14. [TRACK] ERX Motor Park 2018 Name: ERX motor park 2018 Venue: ERX Motor Park, Elk River Minnesota Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: June 9th and 10th Images/Graphics: This was a big track... pic bellow is of the surrounding area. Not of the actual track Other Info: First of all, I believe that almost every driver said it was the best track they had ever driven on. I think it would be fun to drive on especially since it is an independant show. There was a second track for day 2 but there were no major differences besides a jammer in between the middle pad and the racing lane and a pad on the left, as well as the motor home in the middle jump becoming an SUV. This was the racing track and the freestyle track had 3 cars put up against the box truck and the PT cruiser on the first picture stayed. Along with the 3 cars on the inside turn on the right were moved around the turn instead of being together. If anyone has any pictures of the day two track please comment them. If you need any info or criticism please PM me since I was at both shows

    The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    If you are saying newer. Here you go I get the TG is destroyed but this is the best I could find. If you had asked like 4 days earlier I could have gotten pictures myself but I hope this helps.