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  1. Show your projects 64 around page 25. Your welcome. Stop demanding/asking, knowing our luck he will remove the .truck file and make us put it in ourselves. Now do we want that? Great work on the pack and can't wait to finally use something other than a slammed v4 or nothing.
  2. Alright this is epic. I do have to suggest that a high, medium and low quality version is a must have. Like the racing track the two versions are good but I think we need a version in between the low and the high quality. High quality would be for the good computers that can run 20 HQ trucks at once. Low for the crappy computers that can never get past a V4 before a crash. Then maybe a Medium quality? Pretty much just the stadium with the stands and all that. But nother crazy in the back like the loaders, banners, pits etc. Basically a mix of the two versions. Reason being because I found the low lag version of racing very boring due to a lack of seats and due to my computer not quite being able to run an updated truck on the HQ version. I get that they were a part of the non-co mesh btw it just seemed boring without them. I know this is a high request but if you could make a separate version with actual seats it would be very helpful for the in between people. Now this can be as easy (probably easier said then done) placing the track on and old sam boyd stadium model or reworking an entire new non-co mesh. It does not have to postpone the release of the track, maybe just an update later on. I did not realize how long I made this. I have no idea how long it would take to make something like this so feel free to ignore if you think it would be too much work.
  3. Some minor things to change • The tires holding the cars in were painted blue • The ramps for the stunt bikes were not present when the trucks were on the track (unless you are making a pit party track keep them there) • If you are making a stunt bike variant then first of disregard my previous quote, and there is a red mat going from the end of the arena to the launch ramp then another one after the landing ramp going a few yards. Other than that it is a perfect replica so far! Dont hate for these minor changes they just make the track more accurate. 😉
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Merry Christmas to everyone on Sim-Monsters! Or Merry late christmas idk Truck made by PaukenDigger Paint made by Me
  5. Great work! This is way better than your Houston track and better than I can make. However a few things to fix that I have noticed are: • The lines and more importantly the paint needs work. The white lines on the jammer are the most prominent. • The tires on the pad are way too high. They at at least have to be in the middle or a third of the way up the side. • Again you have made the Dumpsters too high. They should be a little shorter than a truck. Due to the angle I cannot tell how high they are but if they are the requested size then ignore. • I also cannot tell from the angle but it seems like your back flip ramp is too tall as well. •Fix your textures. The tarps and the dirt are way too small of textures so they repeat in an awkward way. The dirt should be a lot more detailed. Also the ribbon board is reversed. Alright I think that is it. If you use these suggestions then your track will look a lot better
  6. New project. If there is anything different on the truck please let me know. Also the Chassis may be inaccurate.
  7. Can you say how? The tracks would be for personal use only.
  8. What about the tracks that were made in blender? Like Washington 2016, St Louis 2016, Beamng St Louis, etc. Are those possible to convert?
  9. Now I get that you are probably done with this track and you have already redone it and all but there are two more things that would help it look more realistic. Make the ramps shorter, I noticed that when using the first version the ramps were way too tall. Try to measure with the size comparison truck in blender and use other tracks in game to get the angles more accurate. The other thing is to make the track less vibrant. I was at one of the shows with the Green and orange paint and it was not that bright. Try to make a layer to the paint and add a dirt texture over and change the visibility until it looks realistic enough to use. (Flatten afterwards as well) Okay that was my ramble on being a perfectionist for the day. And again I know how long it takes to change a track and there is nothing wrong with the track as it is. It's a track and I know I would be worse at it. Good luck with other tracks.
  10. Even though this was uploaded unintentionally, it is still good for a first replica track.
  11. I am in the process of making a truck and it was made for .3 and mine is needed in .4 how do I convert trucks to .4 to fix the white tires. BTW I have all the textures and files needed but the tires are still white.
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