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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I have to finish the body placement and the paint. It is going to be in a pack with other repli-customs. This is the first one and it is 80% done. (this is a repli-custom)
  2. Anyone here interested in driving in real life?

    Truck name: Eclipse Body type: Classic Chevy C-10 Chassis type: CRD Where you would run: Anywhere. Extras: Wood pallet in the bed of the truck being held down with straps.
  3. Anaheim 2018 stadium tour 2 show 1

    Middle picture
  4. Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    .4? I know its dumb but I am having troubles with .38
  5. Thor (Sweden)

  6. (TRUCK PACK) Halloween Pack

    If you were to think about adding a driver you should make it the Figure that comes with it. But that looks beautiful.
  7. The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    Yes please.
  8. The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    Identity theft 2018 logo?
  9. help

  10. white tires

    Some trucks will not have the tire file. You have to get the file from another truck and put it in the truck pack
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Do you think you could convert the Beamng arena/ Washington 2016, I really want to drive on that track. I also can't do it myself because I don't have the track.
  12. Does anyone have the Air Force Afterburner link?

    ? http://www.mediafire.com/file/3z91bm2qh5577bu/2011AirForce.zip Nothings wrong with mine.
  13. Sim Monsters Annual "What Did You Get?" Thread

    Lets see, a bunch of HWMJ trucks (Holiday and Mystery Mighty Minis), A Max-D model, Smash up stadium set (My dad got it because he thought it was cool), another Racing champions 5 pack, Hot wheels cars, $200, and to top it off I got FIDGET SPINNER OMFG SO COOL AS IF I DID'NT HAVE ENOUGH IN MY LIFE. kill me.
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Now here's the only present I will get that is good.
  15. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Amazing pack! Do you think you can try to make the Race Reward trucks?
  16. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Good work!
  17. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    I saw the truck IRL and its paint was very similar. Maybe a very slight tinge of yellow will do.
  18. How many monster truck shows have you been to?

    For me its only... Minneapolis 2009-Now Dakota county fair 2015 and 2017 Elk River/ Independent world finals 2017- Whenever feld says no to the "world finals" Anoka County Fair 2014 Elko Motor Speedway 2010-Now
  19. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    2 Fast 4U
  20. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Minneapolis 2018 (Both Shows) Very Unlikely but Detroit Show 2
  21. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    New News involving driver changes here's a list Trent Montgomery in Megalodon Brad Allen in Rottweiler Cory Rummell in Pirate's Curse Mike Thompson in Scooby-Doo! Bryan Wright in El Toro Loco And many more. Also Obsessed and Devastator not running in any Florida shows And Coty Saucier and Scott Buetow have switched tours.
  22. Font List

    I need the font for Mad Scientist. The name.
  23. W8,WF11,WF14 and WF15

    World finals 8 has been made. 11 was made but the download file got too old or something. And world finals 14 and 15 are betas or for 15 you can use "custom world finals 7". WF8: WF15 Beta: WF14 Beta: Custom World Finals 7:
  24. new to .4 PLS HALP

    You take the cursor and put it to the top of the screen and click "simulation" then "get new vehicle" then choose the vehicle and boom.