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  1. RoRVirox6549

    Dennis Anderson's Retirement.

    Pretty upset that my favorite driver for 8 years is retired. I know I'm a month late on that, I've been catching up with NASCAR, and I forgot about the Championship race. Happy for Ryan Anderson and Son Uva Digger though, but I wish Dennis didn't get injured early in the year so he could have competed for the World Finals, but I guess that's what happened. We will miss you Dennis Anderson.
  2. RoRVirox6549

    Grave Digger 7 (2000)

    The hood on the real GD 7 from 2000 is just plain green flames. A repaint of the hood would put this at 5 stars. Otherwise good truck. 9/10.
  3. RoRVirox6549

    Grave Digger 7 (2000)

    Omg thank you SO much for a 2000 Grave Digger 7. I'm so happy that I don't have to use SMV.4 all the time for one.
  4. RoRVirox6549

    President Trump

    Yes, yes we are
  5. RoRVirox6549

    East Rutherford 2015

    I play in 0.4 and the track is nowhere to be found. Is it a glitch?
  6. RoRVirox6549

    Virginia Giant #1

    Nice truck. Is a Grave Digger #1 (not another grandma) possible? Keep up the work
  7. RoRVirox6549

    Grave Digger 30 REVAMED

    The Body doesn't look like your old GD 30. It's a dull grey not a chrome body. Is this meant for 0.37 or is it made like that? And if it's meant for 0.37, can you please fix it for newer versions
  8. You make some nice trucks like the Grave Digger XXXII and the XXX you made those are really good so is the Grave Digger XIX pack. Great job man. Keep up the good work!

  9. RoRVirox6549

    King Sling Mega Truck

    Do you have the link to the mud truck pack?