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  1. Truck name: jersey outlaw Body: 1990 Ford Chassis: leaf spring, front engine Owner: Nick Rossi Driver: Mike Wine Truck Name: Mopar Magic Body: 1983-1991 Dodge Pickup Chassis: front engine, leaf spring owner/driver: Garry Wiggins additional info: for some reason the engine in the truck was shifted back into the cab of the truck. Probably for weight distribution to prevent bouncing over crush cars. Truck Name: Thunder Chicken Body: 1989 Chevy s10 Chassis: Front engine, Leaf spring/ multiple shock absorbers owner/ driver: Charlie “Kid” Rarig additional info: some images shown on the web show two different route of which the exhaust exits from the truck. Some through the top of the hood some out of the fender above the tires. (First two Images shown with exhaust coming out from fender) Truck Name: Trouble Maker (original) body: 1973-1987 GMC pickup Chassis: Front Engine, Leaf SprIng, multiple shock absorbers Truck Name: Bush Hog Body: 1950 Chevy Chassis: front Engine, single hood exhaust, arched leaf spring 8 shock absorbers owners/drivers: Jeff & Jocelyn Perrin Truck Name: Liquidator truck body: 1988 Ford Super Duty Chassis: Front Engine, with custom 9 leaf packs and 24 trail master shock absorbers Owner driver: Robert Fisher
  2. Hello everybody! 🤠 Lately, Ive been binge watching the old tnt shows on YouTube before trucks started going to coil springs and full tube chassis. To my surprise there’s a few trucks from that day and age that I haven’t found on this forum. The trucks being 1.Jersey Outlaw (Mike Wine) 2.Thunder Chicken 3.Mopar Magic 4.Liquidator 5.Mongoose (Mike Waltros) 6.Bush Hog (Perrin Motorsports) 7.Star Monster 8.Master of Disaster 9.Showtime 10.Wild Hair
  3. Austin Spence Discord: AceSpence3195 #6767 Stone Crusher Link:
  4. Sorry I didn’t get the response from yesterday. Go ahead and just get ahold of me via Xbox tonight. I get notifications from the app on my phone
  5. That’s the only version I have is 0.4 I thought the same thing and I’ve played around with the display settings. I have no idea what it is
  6. That’d be awesome man thank you. I don’t want to look like an idiot when this starts lol I want to get some fun runs in before hand but for some reason multiplayer doesn’t work on my ROR
  7. Okay so I wouldn’t say I’m “New” to rigs of rods, but I’m no veteran. To put it simply for those who are willing to help out I barely know how to add modded trucks into the game. Luckily my gf mods sims all time and she teached me. A+ for the WiFu. ANYWAYS couple of questions for the veteran players that could lend me a hand. 1.multiplayer. Loading up the game pops up the main menu and “multiplayer” is darkened and cannot be clicked on or loaded up. But I can load into single player no problem. Am I missing some critical detail to enable myself to join leagues or fun runs or is it something I forgot to install when I first downloaded ROR? 2.customization. Ok seriously seeing the build projects is so freaking cool on this site it unbelievable. So I would like to learn Just the basics for now I guess in just applying different skins to current trucks before I attempt loading different chassis and drive trains to different bodies. 3. Sound. All of my sound setting are turned up all the way and I can’t hear a thing. No engine noise no nothing. The only thing that can be heard is the main menu music and that’s it. I’ve tried countless trucks and all of them have no sound. 4.dark truck skins. I’m sure this is a simple fix but again I’m dumb with technology. Is there a display setting I’m missing to get these trucks to show there skins? The body is there but everything looks so dark it’s barely visible. 5.crush cars and leafer tracks. How to I include crush cars in the game and are there any old schools tracks for v.4? That’s also all I run. I have no idea how v.37 works. Thanks to all who reads this over I’m sure I may seem like an idiot but hey I’m trying thank you and god bless! \m/
  8. I’m having issues trying to post the links. I have the trucks just can’t find the links. Sorry this is my first time attempting a league. Also my war wagon loads and is the body looks very dark almost to the point you can’t see anything. Would that be a lighting issue or a skin issue?
  9. Name: Austin Spence Discord: Acespence95 #8805 80s Truck: Pony Express 90s Truck: War Wagon http://www.mediafire.com/file/hkbdezsivamd8aa/
  10. Name: Venom Body: Chevrolet Silverado Chassis: Vengeance motorsports Images: http://imgur.com/0nzYToE http://imgur.com/QEFuue7 http://imgur.com/MTfXOba http://imgur.com/XAs4f2a http://imgur.com/WvhzqWE Additional info: okay so i gave it my best to try and insert the images the way the forum wants me to and nothing would work so please click on the links or check out the teams page on Facebook for more in depth images. im hoping someone would like to tackle this build in hopes that i can show Denver Echternkamp to further motivate him for next season. ive personally worked on this truck during the Lima and Indianapolis 4 wheel jamboree and it was an all out blast! for those of you who have attended those events may remember us breaking down ...alot. you may notice the intake breather is a giant filter as apposed to a bug catcher like most if not all monsters use! reason why i hate that? mud in the intake is a B**ch to clean out... anyways if someone tackles this it would be highly appreciated. 2016 was Venoms debut year and Denver managed to get the rookie of the year award! also if i may add the bead locks/ wheel designs are one of a kind design that Denver designed himself. not sure if you can apply that to a build but every little detail counts any questions feel free to ask.
  11. ok so i downloaded V4 and i dont know what to do or where to go from here.... sorry for the late reply ive been very busy with moving and work lol
  12. Hello fellow monster enthusiast! my names austin and like you im a huge monster truck fan and excited to get involved with Sim Monsters since monster jam and activision have no idea how to make a decent monster truck game. looking to make new friends since im a fresh college graduate from UNOH in lima OH and i need an outlet to kill time outside of work and paying the bills. so with that being said im very new to all of this i need some guidance. first off where do i start? i downloaded ROR but theres no maps or any form of vehicles other than a bus and an 18 wheeler. so links to everything to download to get a feel for the game would be outstanding. second im also part of a real life monster truck team out of quincy illinois. if youve been to any of the 4 wheel jamborees this year you might have seen our truck. Venom by Vengeance motorsports. if i could get some help to linking some of the pictures to get a request out that would be great and possibly a custom build tributed to my college . im also trying to help the team out using sim monsters to kind of get the word out about the truck being this is our first year out and we could really use some support from the fans! third is there any multiplayer so i can actually race against some people and not look like a grown man playing with monster trucks on the computer all by myself? its no different from me playing with the hotwheel trucks when i was a kid.. i didnt have many friends back then either lol ;p any more questions feel free to comment and please mature users only. I left playing xbox with 10 year olds for a reason. itd be nice to socialize with people who are closer to my age(21) if not older. thanks guys and hope to hear back from yall
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