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  1. Goldberg/Team Meents (Breakable Pack)

    Is this .4 compatible or nah? Would be cool
  2. Evil Ways

    Love the Truck the Handling is good and the Design (to me) is fantastic good job man *Thumbs Up* (dont know it's just great) 10/10 M8 Peace keep it up
  3. Minneapolis 2011 .4

    It''s alright i'm just glad someone can actually do that because i just don't understand how to convert Tracks XD so yeah anyway it's awesome Peace and keep it up And there aren't many people now who convert Tracks so yeah that's why it's so cool of you to convert some more Tracks just don't push your self you have a lot of time (i think at least) but yeah Peace (again this happens a lot to me for some reason that i write something and then write something again XD)
  4. Minneapolis 2011 .4

    Nice it's cool to see some more converted Tracks and yeah keep it up Dude this is rly nice Peace
  5. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    @Jimmy Jong No Prob M8 Just a question. Is it gonna be usable for .4 useres or not?
  6. 2016 Titan (Breakable Pack)

    K the media Fire link doesn't even work and yeh i can't download it either
  7. Takin' It Easy

    Oh okay thx 4 tellin me Peace
  8. Takin' It Easy

    What's that Track in the Background? Would be nice if u could tell me Peace
  9. Little Tiger (Orange)

    Hey i just Wanted to ask if this Truck is specifically designed for 0.4.5 because im playing on 0.4.7 and the Truck doesn't show up completely for me so just wanted to point that out and yeah THX just in case you can tell me what the Problem is or might be idk so anyways Peace Out
  10. Virginia Beach 2014 (0.4 Compatible)

    Ok whats ye Name on Skype?So i can search for you on Skype anyawys Peace Out
  11. Virginia Beach 2014 (0.4 Compatible)

    What's a dm? I dont know what that means (and i cant think of anything that it could mean so can you maybe tell me what that means? I'm not all to well with these things that are going on on this Site because i mainly Download Tracks/Trucks and then i coles the Internet (unless i'm listening to music) and immedeatly Play and test the Truck/Track out so yeah (and i dont know how to create/make anything in Blender so yeah but anyways Peace Out ttyl
  12. Virginia Beach 2014 (0.4 Compatible)

    Ok Thx ill try figuring it out (i think i figured it out) Hey and just if you want do you have a Skype account cause if yes then maybe i could add you on Skype if you want and/or have a Skype account just saying could be possible anyways THX for the Instructions im pretty sure i got the hang of the Track now THX agin and anyways peace Out ttyl (maybe)
  13. Virginia Beach 2014 (0.4 Compatible)

    Just a Question do you know how to Race on this Track i dont understand how to Race on this Track i tried and i failed miserably because i just simply dont understand how to Race this Track im Derp (simply to stupid to properly Race on a Beach ) anyways Peace Out M8
  14. STS Edmonton 2016

    Yeah i got the hang of it now i was a bit confused but yeah i know im bad but im getting better i eman not to bad on the world Finals Tracks in racing but yeah Peace Out anyway
  15. Grave Digger 12 (1997-2000)

    That's the same for me too dont know why this is happening but the Trucks all in all look really great its just the Front Axles are missing that's the only thing wrong with the Truck anyway Peace Out P.S. I thought that i was th only one with this problem but its good to know that im not the only one because i thought at first i like broke th Truck without even knowing why it was but yeah Peace