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  1. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Overkill Evolution & Black Stallion Pack

    See bud from what I’ve learned from this site is that you should never force or ask someone to release something bc if you do it too much they won’t release it they’ll probably keep it to themselves so just give them time and then if they want to release there project they’ll release it when they see it’s good to go
  2. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Julian North Carolina 2017 Monster Mash

    This track is amazing nice job
  3. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    That looks pretty lit I cannot wait to see the rest of it when it comes out
  4. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    (packs)Sim- Monsters V4

    I feel like the v4 pack should get an update and some new trucks should included such as Heart Breaker Wildflower Screamin Demon Nitro hornet and King krunch 2014
  5. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    A letter to the community...

    I agree with you bud this is a website for a game not a website where your rights don’t matter this website is becoming like Twitter and Facebook I only use this site to get tracks and trucks not to argue with a bunch of butthurt liberals
  6. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    King Pin

    What’s the track in the background
  7. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    NAMT Syracuse, NY 2018

    Will this world finals track be a new custom track
  8. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    What’s that track that there on
  9. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    NAMT 2018: Week 0: Sunday, May 27, 2018: East Rutherford, NJ, USA

    The track was taken down why was that
  10. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    That track looks wonderful it would be cool if you made a day 1 and Day 2 style track but overall it’s pretty cool
  11. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    mror stockholm

    I’m wondering what happened to Warsaw Poland 2014 And Melbourne 2014
  12. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    It looks amazing
  13. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Monster truck spectacular Montreal 2018

    Name of event: monster truck spectacular city/state: Montreal Canada stadium/arena: stadium date ran: April 7th 2018 replica/custom: replica other info pictures or videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jNy3cscL0w&feature=share
  14. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Whiplash RoR STS

    Does this truck work on 0.37
  15. MonsterJamThetourMaster

    Carolina Crusher II Retro

    I already got this early on the wra sign up page