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  1. This track has loading issues
  2. Is that like an all star challenge custom track or something
  3. This track looks amazing I love it
  4. What are the avengers and grave diggers that are gonna be in these packs what year were these trucks from
  5. I’m interested to see 5 tracks in the downloads well we’ll see what happens soon
  6. That track looks amazing nice work bud back at it again with some phenomenal tracks I hope to expect more stuff in the future from u ur the track making god have a good day
  7. Don’t say that bud bc that stuff makes creators upset and stressed I’m not mad I’m just saying you need to follow the rules and if you cannot follow the rules then you can’t be on this site ok just don’t ask stuff like that or you’ll get in big trouble think next time before u type
  8. This would be very cool to convert to .4 look into this please
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