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  1. mror stockholm

    I’m wondering what happened to Warsaw Poland 2014
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    It looks amazing
  3. Monster truck spectacular Montreal 2018

    Name of event: monster truck spectacular city/state: Montreal Canada stadium/arena: stadium date ran: April 7th 2018 replica/custom: replica other info pictures or videos https://instagram.com/p/BhT5VOHBRLU/
  4. Whiplash RoR STS

    Does this truck work on 0.37
  5. Carolina Crusher II Retro

    I already got this early on the wra sign up page
  6. Team Overbored Pack

    The trucks are missing the bodies' please fix
  7. World Finals XIX Discussion

    World finals XV all over again
  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Here’s a video for ya
  9. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    That track looks awesome outstanding job
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Has anyone mentioned anything about this
  11. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    I’m upset that this truck doesn’t work on 0.37 just like how train reck and over bored didn’t work ether please fix this when I downloaded black pearl it didn’t show up when I loaded the game
  12. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I’m confused is this track coming out or something or is this one of those send out tracks where you just send the track to different people and not make it public
  13. World finals Freestyle mayhem

    Name: Freestyle mayhem stadium or arena: Sam Boyd Stadium Replica or custom: custom date ran: never images or video: none because it hasn’t been made yet (other info please add a container wall and a triple buss jump)
  14. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    This track looks hot I’m so excited for it to come out
  15. WRA World Finals 3

    Does this track work on 0.37/0.4
  16. Fall Madness V

    Does this track work on 0.37/0.4
  17. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I just got one question does this truck work on 0.37/0.4
  18. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I’m super excited I hope it’s going to work for 0.37-38
  19. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    This track looks awesome nice job Erik
  20. Anaheim 2018 stadium tour 2 show 1

    Name of track: Anaheim 2018 show on stadium: angle stadium of Anaheim track style: jerseys style date ran: January 14 2018 pictures Of track I couldn’t find any that would let me put on this site sadly
  21. Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Don’t be sad I think that this truck is pretty lit no matter what it looks like
  22. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Are all of these tracks going to be apart of a Monster Truck Throwdown track pack and if they are can you make the pack work on 0.38 & 0.4
  23. Jester 2017 Pack

    The truck doesn't show up in game
  24. Over Bored 2017 Pack

    Do these trucks work on 0.37/0.4
  25. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Did these trucks work on 0.37/0.4