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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    man i love the chrome on those trucks
  2. Got a Question about SMRA? Ask Here!

    where can i watch the show?
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    what nitro circus are you making, i don't its the 2011 version because the nitro circus logo (not the name font) is suppose to be visibal on the hood
  4. Ragin Steel 2001 PEI

    its probibily missing the texture
  5. SUD (Public Beta)

    man i wish this still got worked on, it would be a sucesss
  6. Hot Wheels Firestorm World Finals 18

    who made the body?
  7. Tony Ochs Pack 2017

    sorry for popping your bubble but im pretty sure tony och drove superman
  8. Rigs Of Rods: Monster Outlaws Finale (CMTDR World Finals 1)

    dam the racing map is so long
  9. Avenger 2010 (WF11)

    i dont mean to burst your bubble but the tierod is not suppose to be red
  10. [TRUCK] VP Mad Scientist 2017

    Name: vp mad scientist 2017 Body: escalade Chassis: crd paint: other details: has drivers name on top of left door and has a vp fuels flag
  11. [TRUCK] VP Mad Scientist 2017

    but its not 2017
  12. [TRUCK] us airforce afterburner

    name: us airforce afterburner body: escalade chassis: pei paint: other details: debuted in 2006 and retired in 2011
  13. invisible parts on truck .39

    thanks it worked
  14. invisible parts on truck .39

    i was downloading vp mad scientist and when i ran it, the knuckles, swaybars, 4 links, and shocks are missing how do i fix this?
  15. Cup Head Custom

    i suppose why not
  16. Aftershock and KrayTrain 2016

    i never thought it would be updated, nice
  17. Mr. Destruction

    there is a invisible parts fix for .38 and .39, but i dont know how to do it
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    finally sombody made safe auto minimizer
  19. Please Help

    you can get .39 from sourceforge
  20. Please Help

    it works on any version like .37, .38, and .39
  21. Please Help

    oh, then the reason is that its not compatable with 4.7, it only works on .37
  22. PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    i got an idea for new trucks: razin kane 2011, razin kane black and blue 2012, razin, black razin kane 2016 and 2017, razin kane 2017, titan wf14, an escalade wf7, suzuki 2008, and bounty hunter 2005
  23. [TRUCK] razin kane 2017

    name: razin kane 2017 body: dodge ram chassis: pei paint: other details: has a amalie flag and sponsers around the rear fender and on the door
  24. Please Help

    what version are you using?