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  1. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    which hotwheels is first quarter? the one that looks like the alternative wf18 paint job or the 50th anniversary one?
  2. vegasfest

    Snap On Torque 2016

  3. vegasfest

    Advance Auto Parts El Toro Loco

    im pretty sure its on a crd. Also it has advanceautoparts.com on top of the mouth
  4. vegasfest

    Creator of Karnage NAMT

    why does it look like avenger wf19?
  5. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    im pretty sure its the san andreas version
  6. vegasfest

    Ice Cream Man 2018

  7. vegasfest

    Grave Digger 3 Revamp v1

    its because of the exaust smoke, try removing it from the truck file
  8. vegasfest

    Moving Shocks

    i have some knowladge about moving shocks
  9. vegasfest

    R/C pack v0.00001

    because the pitch rc cars make are so high
  10. vegasfest

    Monster Patrol 2018

    i did realize that after a couple of minutes i posted it
  11. vegasfest

    Monster Patrol 2018

    sorry if this is offtopic but monster patrol retired in 2015
  12. vegasfest

    Grave Digger 3 Revamp v1

    doesnt load, plz halp
  13. vegasfest

    Over Rev'd 2018

  14. vegasfest

    Big Sweed 2.0 2018

    a truck with sirs
  15. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    v4 update?
  16. vegasfest

    Bearfoot 1997

  17. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    but its attractive
  18. vegasfest

    Grave Digger 5 Replicustom

    quick question, does it behave like a leafer?
  19. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    a piggy bank
  20. vegasfest

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    is it me or does the soda can look longer than it suppose to be?
  21. r u sure? because rockclwr sounded sarcastic
  22. vegasfest

    V4.5 SonUvaDigger

    i just realize, its the v5 sud but without its chassis props
  23. vegasfest

    v4 breakables

    Version 1.0.0


    the cringe boi i am has made a breakable pack. with a inspiration of blaise's v4 breakables, i made 20 breakables. i put work into this (kinda true). this pack contains breakable swaybars, and axles (axles can fall off if yanked hard enough). almost everything: v4 staff breakable settings: ash, v3 settings(for breakable swaybars and etc.) and a dash of outlaw(swaybar beam) modifying models(adding shine and spec maps to some bodys): me also: bad habit doesn't have a breakable body. if bad habit doesn't work, download this https://www.mediafire.com/file/b752ad1aujnb6nw/BadHabit2013.zip pack is not standalone, its required to put it in the v4 pack. have a nice day
  24. vegasfest

    v4 breakables

    thats why you drag the files to the v4 pack, otherwise the v4 updates will replace the bodies