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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Yeah I agree, thanks for the feedback, will work on that next
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Got some good feedback so thought I would share with everyone else. Been working on a couple of the Hot Wheels World Finals Commemorative Trucks. Not 100% i know, they need a bit of work, still learning with all this stuff, but I plan to hopefully have the WF18 one released by next weekend.
  3. Bad Company

    brilliant truck, great job on the paint too. works on 0.4 for anyone wondering
  4. How do i transfer to (.4)

    There are people on here who convert tracks from 0.3 to 0.4. You can try requesting a track to them, but please do not spam people with loads of requests. Just give them one or two tracks, and someone will eventually get it converted.
  5. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Latest project. Still very much a work in progress, but thought it was worth sharing.
  7. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    UK Truck Pack coming soon, hopefully
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Some more of the UK Trucks. Not 100% accurate, but close enough for now. Hopefully a UK Truck Pack coming soon.
  9. Grave Digger 32 Pack

    10/10. Also works perfectly on 0.4 for anyone wondering.
  10. Northern Nightmare 2017

    another awesome truck. works perfectly on 0.4 for anyone wondering
  11. Logitech G27 MAP

    Does anyone at all still have the G27 Map on here that they would be able to send to me? It keeps saying "File Not Found" for the one in the downloads section. If you could that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  12. The Punisher

    great truck. works fine for me on 0.4
  13. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Got bored so did this... https://youtu.be/2CDYJLehKZk
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Thanks. I now have more time on my hands so am finally looking into how to actually make them from scratch with blender. Once I figure it out I'll be making as many as I can
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Its just a repainted Titan truck. Wont be releasing it obviously, just did it to send to the team as they have been helping me out with planning the rebuild of my dads old monster truck in real life, and thought that some people on here might like to see.