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  1. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Got bored so did this... https://youtu.be/2CDYJLehKZk
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Thanks. I now have more time on my hands so am finally looking into how to actually make them from scratch with blender. Once I figure it out I'll be making as many as I can
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Its just a repainted Titan truck. Wont be releasing it obviously, just did it to send to the team as they have been helping me out with planning the rebuild of my dads old monster truck in real life, and thought that some people on here might like to see.
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    The Ripper! Not the best I know, was just a quick make. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook. Real life truck in the works right now!
  5. My aim is to one day bring back my dads old monster truck Blown Thunder in real life, so I decided to make my idea in rigs of rods. This is pretty much exactly how I would want it, if and when we bring it back.





  6. The UK Monster Truck Collection. Hopefully more to be added soon!






  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    New to all this stuff, so just did that. Just for personal use, and it'll do for me ?thanks
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Took them a lot of convincing to even get my dad to let her drive it once, never again lol
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    3 of the UK Monster Trucks. Blown Thunder, Grim Reaper and Swamp Thing. @GuyLiner849 did Blown Thunder, I did the other 2. They aren't brilliant I know, but they are my first attempts
  10. Blown Thunder (Retro-Custom)

    Only the first one was a Chevy. Second one was a GMC, and the newer black one was a dodge. I am the drivers son. Thank you for doing this truck, looks great