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  1. Zombie Hunter

    @nks1996 well ok,and let me know if you need help with anything.
  2. Breakable monster trucks

    @ChaoticMayhemcould you help me make a breakable too discord tag: DestructiveCarnage#2372
  3. 0.38 truck spawning error

    I need help,whenever I spawn in a truck in RoR 0.38,it freezes and never loads,what should I do?
  4. Vp 2017

    Already made,but the flag could be removed.But eh.
  5. Breakable monster trucks

    You need a N/B setup first,but it depends if your making a new node beam.Cause you have to learn how to move the body parts and props.But ask people who know,they could help you.But for now,just wait for a tutorial and that could help aswell.
  6. Who Is Your Favorite NASCAR Driver

    Dale Earnhardt JR.and Dale Earnhardt SR.
  7. GTA V

    GTA V PC Gaming (Only)
  8. GTA V

    GTA V PC Gaming (Only)
  9. {GTA V} Sim-Monsters Inc. Crew

    My username is Legochamp958
  10. {GTA V} Sim-Monsters Inc. Crew

    Ps4 user is here! I play GTA V
  11. Florida Pack .4

    Thanks.I could use Orlando 2012.
  12. Atlanta 2016 8/26/17 5:30

    Pick a truck.And Btw it's only Freestyle
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

  14. Zombie Hunter

    You could ask someone like NKS or RoRSeries.To make the lasers and everything else.
  15. The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    Anyone got the 2017 Instigator logo?