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  1. sonuvadigger

    Sim- Monsters V4

    idk if i messed up but i only have a few trucks and my truck is not in there? But other than that awesome!
  2. sonuvadigger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    NASTY dude!!!
  3. sonuvadigger

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Like this i need it haha
  4. sonuvadigger

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    How do u make the new trucks breakable?
  5. sonuvadigger

    Crazyman's non monster projects

    So nasty dude i cant wait to get some of that HILL N HOLE!!!!!!!!
  6. cant wait to see you at stafford ryan

  7. hey son uva digger how are you able to get in and join monster jam games

  8. o yea loud n proud

  9. Is Son Uva Digger going to be on the circuit this year?

  10. sonuvadigger

    Suggestions Thread

    I think we should do old school races like tnt days make a old sckool pack all leaf sprung trucks would be nasty
  11. Good Luck in Son Uva Digger! Can't wait to see you, Adam, and you're dad all competing int one show! :)

  12. Finally, a down to earth celebrity! Good luck in Son uva Digger! :)

  13. Just wanna say that you owned Macqueen in that backflip at the finals. Hope to see that truck on the circuit this year.

  14. So you're Ryan? I'm a big fan of ya and your dad!

  15. sonuvadigger

    Allmonster.com Monster Profile: Dennis Anderson

    any time man