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  1. brutusavenger

    Syracuse 2016

    I'm having the same problem with the serializer. Track looks good from the pictures though.
  2. brutusavenger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Shouldn't the truck be in the wall protection? Kidding aside, this is sick.
  3. brutusavenger

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    Love it. What did you use to design the track?
  4. brutusavenger

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    The Grave Digger #12's are amazing, even love the 1999 design which made its debut in Orlando, the old design came out in 1997, here is the design in Houston Show 2 1999.
  5. brutusavenger

    PACE Motorsports 1999 Track Requests

    Name : Any track from the PACE Motorsports 1999 Season. Venue : Houston, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Houston #2, Orlando, Nashville Racing Style: J-Hook, Chicago Style Replica or Custom : Replicas Date Ran : January-April 1999 Houston 1998 San Antonio Indianapolis Houston Show 2 Orlando Nashville
  6. brutusavenger

    Max D (Jared & Colton)

    Mine works perfectly, just the shock mounds aren't on there, plus my sponsorship panel is white, would there be a way to fix the sponsorship panel or no? Other than that, perfect ten stars
  7. brutusavenger

    Sign ups!

    Dalton Hastings Monster Energy brutusavenger
  8. brutusavenger

    World Finals XV Discussion

    I will be going to Vegas in 2014. I already bought my Double Down Package, getting my Southwest Airline tickets soon within the next few weeks. I'll be staying at the Siena Hotel with my buddies Mark and Jay.
  9. brutusavenger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 26

    Carolina Crusher and Charlotte look incredible!!!!
  10. brutusavenger

    RORMD Preseason Show 2 Minneapolis Minnesota

    Dalton Hastings brutusavenger Bronze The Patriot
  11. brutusavenger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 26

    Only thing I can think of with the gun is if American Guardian took out the flames and added a T shirt gun or something to the back haha.
  12. brutusavenger

    Hump Day Shootout: Allmonster's Eve 1

    Dalton Hastings brutusavenger USA Chevy
  13. brutusavenger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 26

    That's a great engine!!!
  14. brutusavenger

    DJM Racing Pre-Season Event 1: Daytona Custom 8/18/13

    Great event guys!!! Definitely had a great time!!!
  15. brutusavenger

    Bloomsburg Jamboore 2013

    It was good actually going here in July most of the weekend, LOVE THE TRACK EDY!!!