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  1. Jacob Loebel

    Navajo County Speedway | Motor Madness

    dan looks a lil woozy in that 2nd pic but still comes into work... what a guy
  2. Jacob Loebel

    Game crashes after spawning about 4-5 trucks (0.37)

    Just use 0.38 or 0.39 those are fine
  3. Jacob Loebel

    How to work 0.39's Camera System?

    Make sure you have 0.39.3, because when I used to use 0.39.7, I had many problems, one of which being the camera.
  4. Jacob Loebel

    Ripping files from other games?

    So when I was very young, I was given the Monster Jam: Urban Assault game on PS2 for Christmas. I still have this game (now on the Wii) and rember having so much fun on Speedster mode, where you pick a truck and race through a city. I want to try to import the city racing maps to Blender, and put them in RoR so I can race with my friends and with better physics. Thanks, Jacob
  5. Jacob Loebel

    Stafford Custom 2017

    i wish i could use it but it crashes me
  6. Jacob Loebel

    Metal Mulisha 2017 Fixed

    I love these, but theres a slight problem, my windshields are white
  7. How do I take some thing i made in SketchUp 2017 and put it into RoR? I made a track and I really want to play on it and make more tracks in the future.
  8. Jacob Loebel

    How do I convert vehicles?

    I want to use a camper for ROR to smash with monster trucks. It's for a different version, and doesn't show up in game. How can this be fixed?! I use 0.4.5.