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  1. SparkTB11

    Drags are now a thing in MTM2

    What the title suggests. The MTM1 drag system which for whatever reason was never re-introduced into MTM2, has now made a comeback thanks to Fila and this new patch. http://forum.mtm2.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7319 Not everything is in place just yet, things like the tournament style/The Draw screen system is yet to be implemented, but the actual drag races are in fact working, just need to iron out some bugs beforehand and not to mention the weird backdrop effects in MTM1 stadium drags. Just make sure you have the latest Community Patch #2 as well as the Beta Patches, namely Beta 0.41 & Beta 0.42, which can be downloaded from the MTM2 forum. Have fun playing around with it!
  2. SparkTB11

    Share Your Specs

    ASUS Strix H270F Gaming Motherboard. Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (11GB) 15.93 GB RAM. Windows 7 Home Premium.
  3. SparkTB11

    Your Favorite Moment at a Monster Truck Event

    The very first time seeing a Monster Jam event in Australia, still remember seeing Ryan Anderson putting on a killer freestyle at Sydney 2013 in person.
  4. SparkTB11

    Trucks that you wish to bring back...

    Bear Foot and Rampage.
  5. SparkTB11

    My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    There's some really badass ideas up there, though I probably would be the first here to say that I wouldn't really like the idea of being a Monster Jam only game, otherwise you would have to put with things like no Bigfoot trucks since Bigfoot does not compete with Monster Jam, and probably may never will. I would honestly much prefer if the game would cover all major monster truck events like the Toughest Monster Truck Tour and the 4-Wheel Jamboree events, not just Monster Jam in general. I also would love to see a decade menu, which the player can choose which decade they want to compete in. For e.g. the player selects the 80s decade, and it will only display a roster of trucks and tracks from the 80s. I'm probably asking too much, but as a pure monster truck enthusiast, it would be the ultimate dream game.
  6. SparkTB11

    Pirates Curse

    Good thing this truck does not require anything else to run it as far as I know. (well expect for the sounds V1.2 pack which is pretty much required for most addon trucks.) Just unzip and BAM! you're ready! Outstanding!!!
  7. SparkTB11

    How do you knew Monster trucks?

    My family used to rent VHS tapes of 80s Monster Trucks all the time, my favorite would be "Return Of The Monster Trucks".