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  1. Did u put the track in the terrain file if u did click one of the files and check to see if there is a .terrn and .tobj file in the .zip and if u didn’t just put them in the terrain file and if that doesn’t work then check to see if those files I name are in the file
  2. The mod has the muffler headers also
  3. bluethunder569


    I need help with my specs when I have the high quality reflection on it doesn't show anything but when I don't it shows the specs but doesn't show the map I'm own, is there a way to fix this?
  4. bluethunder569 Knucklehead bluethunder569#4348
  5. Driver Name: bluethunder569 Discord Name: bluethunder569#4348 Truck: Blue Thunder Truck Link:
  6. I had problems but I just t went to the settings in game and fiddle with in there then restarted the game
  7. A shifts up and z shifts down and d will put u automatically in neutral
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