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  1. Im kind of intrigued by the idea honestly. The obstacles will be consistent at least. I would go to see how it all unfolds.
  2. I actually REALLY like this idea. Sounds intriguing!
  3. That was huge air! Truck looked like it handled the landing well. Looking forward to seeing it once all of the bugs are worked out!
  4. I have met Todd Leduc on MULTIPLE occasions and I have to respectfully disagree with you. He is such an overall great person. I mean I am 23 years old and he treated me the same as he did a kid in front of me that was 10. Personally he is my favorite driver as he lives here in AZ. Every time I see him we catch up on how life is going and all that good stuff. He truly loves his fans and it shows to me. It might just be me.
  5. It is a real problem. Either incorporate professional judges again or a multiplier like you suggested. Don't get me wrong, Becky has a few good moves but nothing overly spectacular, Cory went hard for 90% of the run and got a 6.8 which I don't understand. Hell, even with Todd nearly clearing the track with that leap he came up short. I like the fan scoring system but when someone gets a 9.5 VERY early on because all the kids gave them that score because its their favorite. I argued with a clueless family about Cory/Todd deserving to win while their only argument was "Becky went hard and she's a a girl so that's why she deserves it"
  6. So, Glendale was definitely a great show overall! Jon Zimmer took racing, Cory Rummell got the 2 Wheel win, and despite a lot of bad scoring Becky McDonough won Freestyle. She had a good run but Rummell, Leduc, and even possibly Mahon had runs that were equal or better. Rummell kept up big momentum along with big air the entire run but only scored 6.78 which is insanely low. Leduc brought the "Leduc Leap" to Glendale but still scored lower than Becky's 9.58. What a fantastic show overall with everything driver pushing the limits on a Vegas style track!
  7. Yo that front clip on the new Stinger is just sexy. Can't wait to see these 2 in Tucson!
  8. I'm really interested in what he is doing. I really love seeing guys continue to try and innovate to whole new levels.
  9. I don't understand what Bill is doing with this new chassis. It looks really funky almost like a rock crawler type of chassis.
  10. So, overall Glendale was incredible! Bryce Kenny beat out Adam in the first round and ended up losing to Ryan in the Finals. Two-Wheels was full of sky weelies and rollovers. Ryan won that too. Freestyle was full of awesome moments! Adam lost 2nd gear almost right away and pulled off an incredible endo! Colton killed it, Todd had a rough night overall, but RYAN ANDERSON pulled off a vintage freestyle with a flat. Absolutely incredible night in Glendale! Can't wait for January!
  11. Thanks. Didn't know that.
  12. I love Big Monster Truck Jams. My favorite truck is Maximum Digger. He won Monster Truck Jam USA Finals #24 against Team Mutant Wheels.
  13. SOMEONE SAID IT! I witnessed that move live. To this day I still cannot believe he did that.
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