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  1. Looks like I heard correct from Jester then 😏 but, I am open to the changes! It sounds promising!
  2. -Chase Field- Phoenix, AZ (MONSTER JAM) *2004 *2005 *2006 *2007 *2008 *2009 *2010 *2011 *2012 *2013 *2014 *2015 -Tucson Convention Center- Tucson, AZ (MONSTER JAM) *2014 *2016 (2 Shows) -Sam Boyd Stadium- Las Vegas, NV (MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS) *2009 *2012 *2013 *2018 -Firebird International Raceway- Chandler, AZ (NON MONSTER JAM) *2008 *2009 *2010 *2011 *2012 *2013 -University Of Phoenix Stadium- Glendale, AZ (AMP LIVE EVENTS AND MONSTER JAM) *2006 *2009 *2016 (February) *2017 (February) *2017 (October) *2018 (February -Payson Rodeo Grounds- Payson, AZ (UNKNOWN PROMOTER) *1999 -ARIZONA STATE FAIR (All Star Monster Truck Tour) *2016 TOTAL 32 SO FAR! *****NOT INCLUDING VEGAS THIS YEAR*******
  3. So, its official! I just bought my seats for the World Finals! So excited to be back in Vegas for the first time in 5 years! Cant wait to see everyone's predictions as well as put together my own for the lineup!
  4. Well, Glendale was absolutely insane! I love the Two Wheel Skills competition. Also, Cynthia Gauthier was INCREDIBLE filling in for Briana Mahon. Overall I am so happy with how the show went. Probably the best of the tour so far!
  5. I hadn't heard of the rumors until yesterday. Thanks for the info guys! I stay in the loop as much as I can with my busy work schedule but I miss out on a few things.
  6. So, i met Matt Pagliarulo (Jester) today out near my work and he said that this could be the last year the World Finals will be held in Vegas. The and other drivers have been hearing rumors that it could be moved around from year to year, that it could be held here in Glendale or even held in Tampa. I dont know how legit these rumors are but it could be pretty exciting if it was to be held here in Arizona.
  7. I won tickets from my local radio station so looks like i'm going to Monster Jam for free in Glendale! Still paying tons for Vegas but hey saving money is rad!
  8. Overall Glendale was great! A lot of trucks had mechanical issues but definitely one of the better shows AZ has ever seen. Charlie Pauken won Racing and Two-Wheel Skills while Ryan Anderson tore the building down in freestyle. Such an awesome show! Can't wait for February!
  9. I will literally flip out if I see that live on Saturday. That is INSANE!
  10. Glendale looks to be the best lineup Arizona has ever seen. I'm so stoked to see Tom back for the first time since 2010!
  11. Finally Ryan is coming back to AZ! That lineup honestly looks great. Stoked on it!
  12. I have a very good feeling Strome will be on the Opening Day roster. And by the end of the season could possibly be the #1 center depending on how Hanzal holds up through out the season. If Smitty stays healthy and the defense is as good as I hope it will be then I wouldn't be surprised if the Yotes sneak in to the wildcard.
  13. Being a HUGE Arizona Coyotes fan i am extremely excited about the upcoming season. Mike Smith came back off his injury in fire plus Louis Domingue is a stud in the net as well. The defense has been upgraded immensely with the signing of Alex Goligoski and resigning Connor Murphy, Michael Stone and Kevin Cannauton. You cant help but get stoked on Dylan Strome probably coming up to the show along with Christian Dvorak. I was a little upset when they bought out Vermettes contract but they easily can replace a guy like that. Radim Vrbata is also coming back so hopefully he can return to form after a rough year in Vancouver. I have such high hopes for this team this season and they could be a surprise playoff team! Watch out because these Yotes are hungry!
  14. Honestly that's a pretty solid lineup overall besides Mark Schroeder in Devastator. I'm so stoked to see Devin Jones in AZ for the first time!
  15. A little inside info on the Glendale, AZ show on October 8th. Apparently they are doing the show to compete with the All Star Monster Truck Tour who's bringing Bigfoot back to AZ on October 7-9th for the State Fair. Hopefully we get a damn good lineup out of it!
  16. So I guess I definitely have to go next year since Racing will be on my birthday. Plus its GD35th Anniversary!
  17. https://www.facebook.com/cody.robertson.562 If you can see the video on my profile its when Marc McDonald gave me his trophy and hat! I was celebrating my 21st birthday and made a sign. He called out after he won the Speed and Style competition and said "theres a fan here celebrating his 21st birthday and i want to make it special for him, where are you?" i literally jumped out of my seat in excitement. Marc will forever be my favorite driver now just because of that moment yesterday.
  18. Sorry for the double post but im pretty sure this is the 1st time ever i have seen dirt inside Tucson Convention Center. So stoked for 2 awesome shows tomorrow!
  19. There is dirt inside Tucson Arena for the first time in YEARS.
  20. Wow Glendale looks so sick! I cannot wait for tomorrow night!
  21. I just have to say that i am so stoked that AZ is finally getting a superstar lineup. Its probably going to be the best show we have ever seen.
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