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  1. Hey guys, recently everytime i try to add a truck into my SMV4 folder everything gets deleted. I clear and regen the cache and over 500 trucks are gone until i remove all of the new files i added. I really dont know whats going on. Can anybody help?
  2. I love going to the shows at Chase Field. The food is relatively cheap and wherever you sit is a great view. I have been going there for over 10 years now. I even went when it was called Bank One Ballpark.
  3. Just a question, has Houston 2014 been released?
  4. it will not let me download the track. :/
  5. I got to see Ronnie drive multiple times. The guy knew Nasty Boy like the back of his hand and was capable of doing anything he wanted with that truck. Its sad to see a home town hero pass away. R.I.P Ronnie Sturges
  6. Bounty Hunter looks mean with that stance.
  7. Id love to have my name on one! Cody Robertson Reason- becuz i like girls
  8. CONGRATULATIONS to Todd Leduc in Metal Mulisha for winning the World Freestyle Championship!!!! I remember when he got his first ever win in Phoenix in Blue Thunder!!!!!!
  9. Only Tom left to go! I hope Todd wins!!!!!
  10. Todd Leduc takes the lead!!!!!! lets go Todd!!
  11. Yeah i saw Todd race his Pro4 today. He didnt even complete a lap in the main event. I wished him goodluck tonight when i saw him!
  12. Thor looks mean as hell on that chassis.
  13. Me too. I see it being the biggest encore in history.
  14. I honestly think tomorrows encore will have to do with NEA and Dooms Day.
  15. Lol Max D DNF in the final. Another re race?
  16. This is complete bullpoop. Lee deserves to be in the final.
  17. Woooooooowwwwwwww of course they give Tom a rematch.
  18. Lee O Donnell gets his first win. Lol
  19. Lol the thought of 2 Monster Energys in the big show makes me laugh..
  20. I hope all goes well tomorrow for all the drivers. Save the crashes for freestyle.
  21. Its the 15th year curse. It has to be.
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