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  1. PaukenDigger

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

    Chuckie Pauken ChuckieP3#3958 El Toro Loco 2017
  2. PaukenDigger

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  3. PaukenDigger

    2018 Bounty Hunter Minton

    Version 1.0.0


    Pack includes Austin Minton's Bounty Hunter along with my ride for WRA, Knucklehead. Now includes Minton's Megalodon. Credits- Nicholas Kozak- Chassis John Dough- Body Klayton Halog- Axle Base Micheal Murray- Air Filter/ Transcooler acdcfan56-Shocks/4links/Tierods/SwayBar/SwayBarLink/Driveshaft/Black Chazzy- Body Paints Me - Retexturing/Blender work/Node Edit/Sponsor Plate Fernando Martinez - Everything that makes up the fuel cell, and the base textures Andrew Sheets - Adding Dirt to the Cell Andrew - SIR Tires
  4. PaukenDigger

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Just thought I'd share my versions of Austin Minton's Bounty Hunter and Knucklehead Chazzymp did the paint
  5. Can the brodozer be available now?

    1. PaukenDigger


      please stop demanding/asking and I have already told u

  6. PaukenDigger, I am sorry about these comments about brodozer I don't know why I'm angry at you. But please, Can you stay at 300 subs?

  7. paukendigger27



  8. paukendigger27, I wanted the brodozer like right now!>:< .Otherwise I'll be very dissapointed!

    1. Feld_Motorsports


      No one cares if you are disappointed. He has his own rules.

  9. also I forgot 4 trucks I need:


    western renegade

    the felon



  10. To PaukenDigger27 this one's for you

    trucks I need:


    xtreme diesel (monster jam)


    strait jacket (tires about 1024x1024)

    FS1 cleatus

    razin kane



    thank you and i subscribed.

  11. PaukenDigger

    Blue Thunder 2018 Custom

    I agree on the body choice and wasn't intending to put it on a Chevy but that's how Jam Customs wanted it. I completely understand that but he wanted it to be on there and it's kinda a tribute truck towards Dalton.
  12. PaukenDigger

    Blue Thunder 2018 Custom

    Version 1.0.0


    Jam Customs did part of the paint while I did the other part of the paint and put the truck together
  13. PaukenDigger

    [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 50th

    Yes its free for anyone to take
  14. PaukenDigger

    [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 50th

    It was meant to be gave out, the creator just didn't feel like posting it on sim because it will get updates.
  15. PaukenDigger

    [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 50th

    Its not on sim monsters