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    This Track Is So Awesome And Fun To Drive On! Both Tracks! Amazing Job!
    Thought This Was Something Else MB Looks Great
    Track Was Beautifully Done and it almost feels like im in the track amazing job dude!
  1. 164 downloads

    This is the 2nd truck I've posted on sim-monsters cool.
    Amazing Havent Downloaded It But Its Finally Out Amazing
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello This Is My First Upload cool kek this is not an open custom bla bla bla I did all the work boom
    Beutiful I Love It And I Cant Spell No Worries But I Love The Paint And Everything OK cool Good Truck I like it k...
  3. He Could Just Mean Last Show As In Last Show Of Mad Scientist Because Of A Sponsership Expirement Possibly.. Hes Not Retiring...
  4. you have to open it up and take the folder out and put the folder inside your packs or veichles or whatever you use to put trucks in ~Airbourne~
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