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    PC's, Monster Jam, and Rigs of Rods. Repeat that for eternity and that is my interest.

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  1. Feld_Motorsports

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Have fun with that then!
  2. Feld_Motorsports

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    I mean why would it? Its an open source game so you can make it like this unless you know how to program and code you can make it look exactly like that and maybe even better if you wanted to.
  3. Feld_Motorsports

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Well maxdman is now a legend not from only the Sim Monsters Community, but to Monster Jam!!!!
  4. Feld_Motorsports

    can we get a ban on Calvin Klein

    Then stop being so annoying with your improper request. Litterally read the rules brfore you do so and also stop asking people to gove you stuff. It isn't nice and it isnt cool be paitient or just face the consequences of people disliking or hating you.
  5. Feld_Motorsports

    Barbarian 2018 Pack

    Dankness at its finest
  6. Feld_Motorsports

    Double Down or Normal ticket?

    That is what I said right?
  7. Feld_Motorsports

    Double Down or Normal ticket?

    Probably the same exact things people post on youtube, what else were you expecting?
  8. Feld_Motorsports

    Toronto 2018

  9. Feld_Motorsports

    Toronto 2018

    Shall I do a video or no?
  10. Feld_Motorsports

    Orlando 2000 (0.4)

  11. Feld_Motorsports

    Orlando 2000 (0.4)

    Dank Track
  12. Feld_Motorsports

    Colton ike chassis?

    Isnt he used to it already rn?
  13. Feld_Motorsports

    Colton ike chassis?

  14. Feld_Motorsports

    Colton ike chassis?

    I dont see why not. I mean tom drove a willman in arenas, i dont see why colton cant.
  15. Feld_Motorsports

    Toronto 2013 .4

    Ikr So cool