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  1. Over Rev'd 2018

    Looks Lit
  2. ROR 39.3 Link

  3. ROR 39.3 Link

    well, gg. but what i did was i installed .4.7.0 and then i got the folders that said terrains and all that other stuff. then i copied and pasted it into another folder i named rigs of rods .4.6.0. and it should work.
  4. ROR 39.3 Link

    . No im asking if u have a version of rigs of rods right now.
  5. ROR 39.3 Link

    Do u have a current version of rigs of rods?
  6. Blender Wont Launch.

    Im having the same problem. The problem is on the new pc I built and not my old laptop.
  7. ROR 39.3 Link

    you dont need the folder.
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Yay And The monster energy and the mutant looks like they will eat me. im scared.They look mean. good job though
  9. Grave Digger 5 Replicustom

    Looks like it has teeth Lol.
  10. Whiplash RoR STS

    Swegs da man
  11. Whiplash RoR STS

    find out for yourself
  12. XunlexRods = Back!

    Yea. and The Website?
  13. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

  14. RISE!

  15. [TRACK] World Finals 19 Racing

    Ok thanks. It will kinda remind me of when i converted Jacksonville 2013. First track to ever have a qualfiying terrain in it.
  16. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    Well I will agree on that.
  17. Edy's big ol' letter to the community

    Ohh ok. I don't see why not. I mean its the least I can do. But I will still think about the offer. Thanks for telling me what you mean!!!!
  18. Team Overbored Pack

    Look Interesting. Ill Have To Try Them When I Get Home
  19. Team Overbored Pack

    How Do U Even Convert trucks if thats possible.
  20. Team Overbored Pack

    Cool Ig
  21. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

  22. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    See if only Monster Jam tracks were still like that. I wonder what the world finals would've looked like.
  23. [TRACK] World Finals 19 Racing

    This is just a question but you don't have to do it. Could you make a qualifying version? I just kinda like doing shows with the full set up if you know what i mean @nks1996.
  24. Edy's big ol' letter to the community

    Well, it was great having you in the sim monsters community. I wish you the best of luck for your future and don't let anyone bring you down. Take care. C: And aslo, what do you mean by hosting the logo library? Do you mean like just hold on to it, or just like update it every now and then? Sorry for asking. I mean I probably would but just wanted to make sure i'm understanding what you are asking in the correct way.
  25. convert trucks to 0.4

    idk if u even can