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  1. Preach Bro. Just had a look through the BeamNG thread about the Monster Truck, and it's disgusting some of the things they were saying. I understand that its the internet, and you're expected to have a thick skin, but that is no excuse to throw common decency out the window. I would argue that it almost might be better to begin developing bodies and skins for BeamNG on this site, for those that have it and can handle it. The kids on BeamNG think they are so superior compared to those who like RoR, and you can tell if you look through the discussions.
  2. Name: Daniel Wray Discord: PxelBit (#9219 if you need that) Truck: Pirate's Curse Truck Link: I am planning on being at the funrun, however, I am not certain if I will be able to, what with holidays and random things that may come up. I will do my best to be here, but I can not ensure my appearance.
  3. I got that first sentence but you lost me after that. What reviews? If you looked at the introductions forum you would know who I was and what do you mean "how did you get in here?"
  4. One already exists? Why should there be a new one? I have so many questions
  5. So it seems like Discord is a fairly popular thing for leagues here and the such, so why not make a Sim-Monsters Discord? I mean, it could be a cool place for people to casually talk, since I haven't seen many people in the chatroom on the website. Maybe discuss projects and/or ideas, put pics up, etc. I'm sure there's a reason why this hasn't happened yet, so i'll probably get corrected immediately but this was just an idea I had.
  6. Thanks guys! I am 13 so if that matters there ya go I guess haha. I wouldn't say I'm a good content maker because I have basically no patience for those types of things, but I like to think i'm not an annoying twat but if I am sorry in advance . And sorry I didn't respond for a few days, I've been on vacation and driving around a lot so not very easy.
  7. Hello guys! I'm Daniel, aka PxelBit, and i'm new to the community. I am somewhat younger than most of you guys, I would imagine but I hope you all would look past that! Not much else for me to say, so yeah. Cool.
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