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  1. ABgamerX

    Predator, Prowler, Pouncer

    They're all currently in the smv4 pack. Please search for the trucks on the site first before creating threads, and please refer all future truck requests to the truck request thread using these guidelines:
  2. ABgamerX

    Converting a beamng track to ror

    The only tracks I know of that are possible are St Louis 2016, WF16, Syracuse 2016, Beamng Center, Beamng Stadium, and 1 other racing only track. Again, I don't recommend doing it because permission is needed from the original creator to do so.
  3. ABgamerX

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    So this whole time I was an idiot and thought it did nothing since I only ever used that set smooth option in textured mode so I never saw a difference in results . Once I switched it over to solid mode, I saw a change in results, lol. Thanks guys for your help 👍. I updated my last post's pics to show the changes with it being set to smooth
  4. ABgamerX

    Converting a beamng track to ror

    you're technically not allowed to unless you get permission from the creators. It is possible, but I recommend not trying it
  5. ABgamerX

    Blender Texture Problems

    Bumping this like 10 month old thread since this is an issue for me again. Since the stadium models that are released on here have all textures show up the second you load the .blend file, how can I make my .blend files do that so that you don't have to re-texture every single face?
  6. ABgamerX

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Coming September 1st... Racing: Two Wheel Skills: Freestyle: (Please don't quote these pics to clog up the thread, quote my messages instead ) EDIT: Fixed my "blockyness" issues (hopefully), and updated pics without the "blockyness" issue
  7. ABgamerX


    The faces aren't made yet in that model
  8. If Sim Monsters can't let you upload any photos, then you can either upload the photos to sites such as Imgur or Discord (Photobucket can be an option too, but I don't recommend it), copy the image address link, then paste the link here. In this case, you should be able to copy the image addresses from the Instagram pics. Sim Monsters will automatically convert the link into the image you want
  9. ABgamerX

    Casey's Extreme MT Tour: Stafford 2018 (Custom)

    Yeah, with the backflip ramp, make the dumpster a non-collidable mesh, and put like a cube and stretch it out to the appropriate dimensions that will make up the contact points of the backflip wall, since the contact points of the dumpsters has too many edges, which creates too many contact points, which cause you to stick to the dumpsters
  10. ABgamerX

    Grave Digger XIV

    Bootiful, 8/8 m8
  11. ABgamerX

    Screenshot of the Week!

    I remembered something similar to this happened a lot in racing at this event, lol (It wasn't these trucks exactly, but this turn was pretty brutal by the looks of it ):
  12. ABgamerX

    Calgary Custom

    It's ok, but you could make the ramps a bit more smooth, and there are a few missing stadium textures and a few missing faces on the ramps. Also, something to crush (cough cough cars) would've been nice, but that's just me, lol
  13. ABgamerX

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Since a couple of people had "concerns" with me using someone else's ramps for my Toronto 2018 track (Even though the creator did give me permission, plus it's my decision and felt a little guilty using someone else's ramps), I decided to make my own ramps: Other than that, I added the barriers, and not really much else left to do construction-wise, still gotta paint the track and make Two Wheel Skills and Freestyle versions too
  14. ABgamerX

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Loving all of the NAMT championship trucks guys, creativity at it's finest 👍