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  1. Blue Thunder 2017 Matt Cody

    The chassis is from Edy's V4 updates pack:
  2. Blue Thunder 2017 Matt Cody

    I actually just found out about the props coming from Edy's pack 2 hours ago, lol. And I think I can get away with just Black Stallion Rims, if you look at these pics: Blue Thunder 2016: https://www.monsterjam.com/sites/default/files/BlueThunder16_02.jpg Blue Thunder 2017: https://www.monsterjam.com/sites/default/files/_DSC9105.jpg The 2017 version only has blue on the beadlocks, while the 2016 also has more blue towards the center of the rim, they're slightly different.
  3. Blue Thunder 2017 Matt Cody

    A lot of parts come up white, I'm actually in the process of trying to fix this
  4. Blue Thunder 2017 Matt Cody

    You need to take the folder out of the zip file and it should load properly Umm, idk if that's the main issue everyone's having??? I HIGHLY doubt having 0.4 is the main reason why the Black Stallion body shows up All I know is that when I downloaded the file, the .truck file looks like this (I'm just displaying the links to the images instead of the images to avoid clogging the thread, lol): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/285891947627806721/368107911215317002/image.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/285891947627806721/368108005025120266/image.png Then I followed the steps I just posted earlier, and then it worked.
  5. Blue Thunder 2017 Matt Cody

    The .truck file still has the original 2014 Black Stallion props in it. To fix this (This also applies to you @Jackson B (SUDfan31) and @JUICY TOES (If only I could edit another quote into this comment instead of name highlighting, lol). In the .truck file, change the very first line (Black Stallion 2014) to the actual name of the truck (Example: Blue Thunder 2017 (Matt Cody)). Next, in the props section, change the following .mesh names to the correct ones (It is case sensitive, so don't have any typos, lol): StallionChas2014.mesh ---> Thunder17Chas.mesh StallionBody2014.mesh ---> Thunder17Body.mesh EDIT: If the truck name in-game still comes up as Black Stallion 2014 after doing these steps, then just regen the cache and it'll fix it
  6. Blender Texture Problems

    So this is a problem that I have been having for awhile for a few .blend files. Some friends asked me if I could export their tracks into the game. So when they send me their .blend files, their textures just disappear and everything appears pink. The program still says that the png, jpg, etc. textures are still in the .blend file, but the pictures don't show up, causing the track to look pink. And I noticed how in the stadium track models in the scrapyard section, the textures appear when you import them. Is there a way to keep the original textures when sending the .blend files to other people?
  7. Please Help

    On any of the .3 versions, you almost never have that many white textures, but if you do have them, then do what I do and extract all truck zip files into the vehicles folder. I will say if you choose .4, these white texture problems are WAY more common, and if you have .3, the game might crash more often.
  8. Murica Mayhem 2017

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's my very first track that I'm uploading to Sim Monsters. If there are any any issues with the track then PLEASE let me know so I can try to fix them. Otherwise, enjoy And Yes, This Track Will Work For Both .3 and .4 Versions Of ROR Racing explained: Basically, the start line is the finish line, and you pretty much do 2 full circles around the track. (I wanted to do something unique for racing) Freestyle: A few cross-threads are not smooth and might send you straight back (Specifically hitting the jammer sideways and hitting the triple from the inside of the racing lanes (You'll see what I mean) that's staying the way it is, lol). Also, the buses might grab you if you floor into it in 2nd gear, you'll have more than enough speed to clear it if you floor it in 1st gear. I think that's all I had to say, so I hope you guys enjoy, and here are the credits (If I missed anyone or gave the wrong credits, then please let me know so I can fix thm) Credits: Stadium Model: Maxdman, Klayton, HotShoe Track Paint/Ramp Designs: Me Red/White/Blue Car and Red/Blue Bus Models: RockCrwlr White Bus Model: Unknown (Gar Gar Han Han gave me the models)
  9. Help me

    You can just download it from this site, .39.7 is the best recommended version. You don't have to uninstall your current version or anything, you can have multiple versions at the same time: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rigsofrods/files/rigsofrods/0.39/
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    MURICA!!! F*** YEAH!!! Practice: (Might remove the turn cars for the practice version, idk, I'll leave that up to you guys ) Racing: Racing Layout: (Was originally gonna make it East Rutherford style, but I wanted to do something kinda unique. The Red lines indicate the first lap, and the blue line indicates the second lap. It's basically running in 2 circles) Freestyle: Murica Mayhem! Coming to a Sim Monsters near you!
  11. Trouble typing in game?

    idk if this will work for you since I have .38, but for it to work for me, I usually need to enable the HUD to type. Try doing that, if that doesn't work, then idk
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    If you're wondering what happened to my El Paso track, it will be released at some point, I just gotta convert it to .4. But I made this custom Dodger Stadium Track with a unique race layout, which involves going over the bus ramp, making one full turn around the fun box made of buses, then go for the finish line (which I forgot to add ). Besides that and fixing the crush cars in freestyle a bit, it's pretty much done: I tried to make the tabletop look muddy after a truck lands in the pool, kinda like at WF18, and this is as close as I got
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I think the green needs to be darker
  14. Blender dds error

    So I'm making a custom El Paso track that was from the blend stadium file here in the track making section. And for some reason, when I exported the finished track, it claims it was missing a dds file as shown: But it was in the zip file. What I originally did was I went into each individual image in that blend file and then saved them into a folder (And I repeated that process like 30 times for each individual image -.-). all png's/jpg's are working properly. However, it turned out that all of my dds files were f'd up when I saved them from blender. I can't even open them up to view the picture, and I can't even get it to open in paint.net or else this appears: If someone might know how to fix this problem, then PLEASE let me know because I wanna test my track so badly (My track is in SYP 59 page 14 in case you're curious). EDIT: The image still shows up fine in Blender, which is really weird. EDIT (Again): Someone already told me to try to convert it to a png and that didn't work either
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Well, my first track is pretty much done. Behold Custom El Paso 2017! Racing: Freestyle: