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  1. Wave

    ~Sign Ups~

    Bryant Steggall Avenger (WF 18) http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2625-avenger-2017-avenger-world-finals-18-s10/ Wave #1872
  2. Wave

    Bulldozer (smoke-free craft beef jerky)

    There's already a Bulldozer in PEI Pack.
  3. Wave

    Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    I already took Gas Monkey Garage
  4. Wave

    Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    Bryant Steggall Gas Monkey Garage Wave#1872
  5. Wave

    STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Bryant Steggall Gas Monkey Garage
  6. Wave

    How to clone trucks?

    How do you clone trucks? I want to repaint some but not have files overlap.
  7. Wave

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Just take a few minutes and compare your repainted truck to the truck irl. It looks like you took 10 minutes to recolor it, therefore there's quite a lot of things I found wrong with yours. I'll only name off the most obvious for now. Flames need to be a gradient yellow and orange, with an extremely thin outline of whiteish-purple. Biker helmet changed colors and numbers. Bad News Travels Fast logo changed colors. Front bumper needs to be yellow. One small part of the rim is the wrong color. I can't tell from the pictures you gave us if you did this or not, but I bet you didn't: the top decal isn't a house, it's a newspaper. Truck has BKT's not goodyears.
  8. Wave

    Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    DM me, we'll take care of this.
  9. Wave

    Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    Yeah let me know, send me a picture too. And no I actually don't know how to convert to 0.4 I'm sorry. I kinda want to know myself.
  10. Wave

    Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    Are they appearing white or just not showing up? Or partially untextured? Give me details or pm me a picture.
  11. Wave

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Hopefully that's something Monster Jam thinks about as they prepare for an entirely different World Finals setting next year. I don't want to keep seeing deserving drivers get bumped out of the lineup.
  12. Wave

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    -comment deleted-
  13. Wave

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Yeah but I mean Jimmy Creten was relatively consistent in some recent parts of his FS1 stadium tour, so I was a little bit taken back by the fact that he didn't make it to at least round 2. I had little to no hope for Jim to make it very far at all, racing just isn't his thing. If I were to guess, his truck is purposly set up to favor freestyle because he knows he can go crazy.
  14. Wave

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    I loved every single upset that happened throughout the night. I was REALLY hoping that Justin Sipes would upset Son-uva Digger. Bari making it to round 3 was unbelievable, as well as seeing Jim Creten getting knocked out in round 1
  15. Wave

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    I've been watching the brackets and encore the whole time I just haven't spoken here like at all. Sooooo thoughts on Adam Anderson winning.... well.... I was really rooting for Marc McDonald most of the time, and then Tyler Menniga for the final round because he got literally the closest you can get to winning last year. But I mean hats off to Adam Anderson tho, anyone who makes it all the way there deserves it 100% so I'm happy for him Thoughts about the encore.... I loved the black-out Max-D on the dump truck, plus the old Maximum Destruction body making a triumphant return. Other than that, it was an okay encore I guess. I think they could have at least organized the whole thing a tiny bit better. The fact that the forward momentum backflip failed wasn't really their fault so I'm not gonna blame them for that. Nonetheless, all the trucks out there looked great as always and no matter what happened it still was cool to watch the carnage! I wish I was in vegas to see it all.