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  1. shoot n score44

    YouTube Help

    I know I already did a YouTube related post before but that was just me asking you guys to subscribe to my channel and that idea of me trying to get you to subscribe was completely trash. So in this post I am here to ask you guys for some advice for my channel cause I have 162 subscribers but for some reason I only get like 4 views a video, in 2014 these numbers make my present status look sad on my views cause I was pretty popular during that time, but when I try to make the same related videos I did in 2014 I still get 0-4 views. So if you have any advice for me which I kinda hope you do cause I know there are a few popular people on sim monsters that have a YouTube channel with videos people watch but anyways yeah. Here is a link to my channel if you guys are wondering: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClK3GblL78_SsDQ2l9j_e4Q
  2. shoot n score44

    0.37.126 server

    Here is a server for 0.37.126 server host name: rigsofrods.org server port number: 12003
  3. shoot n score44

    YouTube Channel

    Not trying to sound like I am begging or anything but I have had recent struggles with YouTube and trying to get views and more subs so I came here to ask if you guys could subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it a lot. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClK3GblL78_SsDQ2l9j_e4Q
  4. shoot n score44

    Stanley Cup Final 2017 Poll

    Pittsburgh won the cup. 3 people were right, 4 were wrong.
  5. shoot n score44


  6. shoot n score44

    Black Ops 2 or World at War?

    I'm not sure if many people play Call of Duty on this site but I'm going to upload this topic anyway and hopefully this doesn't get taken down but who cares of that's the case. Anyways there are two Call of Duty's that are said to be the greatest Call of Duty game ever released. Those were Black Ops 2 and World at War. So I am taking a poll to see what game was better in your opinion.
  7. shoot n score44

    [TRUCK] Avenger World Finals 6

    Well i'll try making content now since I ask way to much.
  8. shoot n score44

    [TRUCK] Avenger World Finals 6

    Name: Avenger World Finals 6 Body: 1957 Half Forest and Half Orange Chevy Bel- Air Chassis: Kohler Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: none
  9. shoot n score44

    [TRACK] St. Louis 2007

    Name: St. Louis 2007 Venue: Edward Jones Dome Racing Style: St. Louis Style Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 17th, 2007 Images/Graphics: Other details: This was my first Monster Jam event I was able to attend so this track and event is really special to me.
  10. This event has been canceled.
  11. shoot n score44

    A Link to Rigs Of Rods

    Call me an idiot all you want but I sadly don't know where to download Rigs of Rods Since I play Rigs of Rods on Linux I run OpenGL and there's some messed up crap on some of the tracks and trucks. But the main point is that I want to test out Rigs of Rods, because while I was searching for a website to have it it apparently said that improved the Linux build and I play the game on Linux so if anybody can send me a link to the setup I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. shoot n score44

    Fun Run at New Orleans 2013 Tonight!

    In the competition there will be Racing and Freestyle! Aim chat will go up at 6:00 central time and the comp will start at at 6:10 central time Also there will be a max of 8 Drivers and Sign up like this Gavin Summmerfield Son Uva Digger 2.0 XRayMonsterJam@aim.com 1. Gavin Summerfield- Son Uva Digger 2.0 2. Daniel Simon- Blue Thunder (Evans) 3. Blake Thompson- Max-D 4. Will Meyer- Scooby Doo 5. Corey Morrison- GD 2013 (sign up by chat in ror) 6. Josh Gajewski- Patriot 2014 7. 8.
  13. shoot n score44

    World Finals 13 Tuesday July 15

    And one more thing is I might have issues when I log into aim, Because when I log into aim it says "Connection Lost" so are u going to start a proxy server or something?
  14. shoot n score44

    World Finals 13 Tuesday July 15

    Gavin Summerfield Northern Nightmare XRayMonsterJam@aim.com
  15. shoot n score44

    Tampa 2007

    Name: Tampa 2007 Venue: Raymond James Stadium Racing Style: The Way The Orlando 2007 Racing Style Was. Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: January 20th, 2007 Images/Graphics: Other details: There was only 1 Tampa show in 2007 so you don't need to make a different one.