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    Just Need Some Help

    Hello, I am relatively new to Rigs Of Rods and I need some help. Sorry if this question has been asked I tried looking to see if it had but got no luck. Anyway when I spawn in a truck from the SMV4 pack only the front axle moves and steers. I was hoping both would be able to move. Is there a setting I need to use or is it just the front one only. This happens on and Thanks
  2. Hey, everyone, I have been playing Rigs of Rods for about 1 year know and then just recently I found Sim Monsters. As soon as I saw it I downloaded a few mods and they are awesome! So I made an account. All the mods look very high quality and there is SO many of them so the fun never stops. Thanks, everyone and I hope I will have a great experience on Sim Monsters.