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  1. Hey guys i am wondering if any kind soal would take some time to make this truck its alien invasion from sydeny 2018 and also rapotrs rampage if thats ok PS THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHO EVERY CAN DO THIS So rapotrs is running on KCM and thats the same as alien invasion both trucks are running on the same chassis the only thing is all thats green should be red
  2. damo74

    [TRUCK] Rampage George truck

    the truck was on toms stunt truck
  3. damo74


    hello fine pepole of sim monsters i would like to ask if anyone whould help me set up my ps4 controllar for ror or even my PS3 one if anyone could help me that would be fantastic Thank you
  4. damo74

    Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    i am still getting 51 FPS in .38 and holy poo dude i cant wait for freestyle
  5. damo74

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Colt by less then a tire i thinks is arms helped him LOL
  6. damo74


    Hey guys can someone make this truck Body: not to sure chassie either a KCM or a CRD but could not be a 100percent sure if anyone could make this there would be a freaking lengend
  7. damo74

    The Plan for WF18

    mate take your time i would rather what 2/3 months for the track then you put up a shiity version of the track just one qick qustion well the water be splashable
  8. damo74

    Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    I would love to be in it just need to find my self a truck
  9. damo74

    Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    The trucks look really good cant wait to see black pearl and earthshaker i just cant wait for all trucks is there any spscifc release date
  10. damo74

    Stinger/Master of Disaster 2017

    it does not show up in game
  11. damo74

    GD morgan

    Can someone make Morgans 2017 GD can you also put straps on it sorry about the photo its the best one i could find
  12. damo74

    Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    i would like to say it is megaloden but i want to say no but has far i would say it may be big sharky when he says "game changer in the world of detial" but it also could be wonder woman who knows
  13. damo74

    Tony Ochs Pack 2017

    dosent even show up for me
  14. damo74

    GD 2017 pack

    Hey guys can someone make a GD 2017 pack just all the GD trucks from this year Sorry cant find any pictures lol if you cant the trucks that people have made can they send them to me?