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  1. damo74

    Soldier Fortune 2019 Custom

    .4 only correct
  2. damo74

    Constant truck acceleration with controller

    Hmmmmmmmmm IDK then sorry buddy i cant help you with that
  3. damo74

    Constant truck acceleration with controller

    thats what works for me
  4. damo74

    Constant truck acceleration with controller

    Are you using DS4 windows if you are go to settings and check the box that says hide DS4 controller
  5. damo74

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    yeah sorry buddy i found that out after i posted the comment sorry
  6. damo74

    Hayden 2018

    Can any kind person please make Hayden mccleary's Raptors Rampage from this year Body: Custem 3D body chassis: KCM so the first raptors is the current raptors these are the best photos i can find if anyone could make this then they are a legend in my books PS i am Australian so it makes sense
  7. damo74


    Can anyone make Extream monster truck Body: Ford chassis:KCM
  8. damo74

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    may i add that the trucks do not work for .38
  9. damo74

    Hayden 2018

    So i have herd that these 2 trucks have been made
  10. damo74

    Megalodon 2018 Justin Sipes

    For some reasons the truck dosent work
  11. damo74

    Overkill Evolution & Black Stallion Pack

    is this only for .4 if so can someone convert it into .38 has well
  12. damo74

    [TRACK] World Finals 18 or 19 Freestyle

    @bluethunder569 i dont think chris b is i think he stopped making it
  13. damo74

    Team HotWheels FireStorm Breakable

    it dont load in game for me
  14. Hey guys i am wondering if any kind soal would take some time to make this truck its alien invasion from sydeny 2018 and also rapotrs rampage if thats ok PS THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHO EVERY CAN DO THIS So rapotrs is running on KCM and thats the same as alien invasion both trucks are running on the same chassis the only thing is all thats green should be red
  15. damo74

    [TRUCK] Rampage George truck

    the truck was on toms stunt truck