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  1. So there is 3 verison of this truck one that went to china one that runs currently in the states and one that runs in Austrilia the Usa one is the one that kreg bulit after he bulit the one in Austrlila then he changed the paint scheme on the US one to look something like this That wicked is the wicked that corey clark currently drives for kreg has kreg is in his own truck Dragon
  2. Can any kind person please make monster lubricants Body: Ford i think chassis: KCM or even just make the paint Pictures:
  3. can somone make it .38 plz or show me how to
  4. Hey guys its not showing up in .38 any help
  6. Hmmmmmmmmm IDK then sorry buddy i cant help you with that
  7. Are you using DS4 windows if you are go to settings and check the box that says hide DS4 controller
  8. yeah sorry buddy i found that out after i posted the comment sorry
  9. damo74

    Hayden 2018

    Can any kind person please make Hayden mccleary's Raptors Rampage from this year Body: Custem 3D body chassis: KCM so the first raptors is the current raptors these are the best photos i can find if anyone could make this then they are a legend in my books PS i am Australian so it makes sense
  10. damo74


    Can anyone make Extream monster truck Body: Ford chassis:KCM
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